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INSIDER success summiting TIPS & Kilimanjaro climb ADVICE

Climbing Kilimanjaro travel tips

Usually being physically capable certainly helps, climbing is about mental preparedness — not just how physically fit you are or how much you trained.

Assume positive mind, Getting proper hiking gears simplify the trek and hence success 

No rush, choose your own trekking own pace. It is not a race or competition. Climb POLÉ! POLÉ! (Slowly! Slowly!)

On the second day, you will reach an altitude above the clouds. Clouds are cold and not fun as they appear from the warmth of the inside an airplane, so here is where hiking gears like warmth jacket, balaclava works well.

Well trained guides certified are necessary, but also it is important to choose experience one. To limit risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) it is best to find a guide that follows “climb high, sleep low” to help acclimate to the altitude.

The more days in the trek, the more time you have to acclimate, experienced climbers can take 6 days machame route is fine, but first time climbers are advised to choose 7 days Machame route or Rongai route.

Be prepared for climbing in extreme cold on summit night as temperatures can reach 0 degrees F (minus 18 C). There are ice glaciers at the top! This means climbing gears like warm jacket, gloves, goggles, Hat, are must needed.

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