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Tallest tree in Africa discovered in Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tallest tree is now among nature wonders seen in Mount Kilimanjaro.

Researchers from University of Bayreuth in Germany, during research, spotted bunch of high trees and so Andreas Hemp at the University of Bayreuth in Germany was able to measure their heights accurately using new tools.

Fertile soils, enough rain and warm temperature provided favorite weather for growing of tall trees in Mount Kilimanjaro. These are among tallest trees of the world, while tallest tree in the world being in California.

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Travel tips about Health in Tanzania include Malaria disease precaution and food hygiene. Before travelling to Tanzania, consult your doctor for Anti Malarial prophylaxis drugs. And also take insect repellent.

VISA and Immigration, some countries like Common wealth countries enter Tanzania without VISA. Some countries get VISA on arrival in Tanzania, must have valid passport and fee.

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