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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro full moon

Full moon Kilimanjaro trekking adventure is summiting Kilimanjaro on a cloudless night. Usually it occurs that full moon dates have also clear atmosphere, no clouds. This day begin to be bright from Shira plateau, Barranco and Karanga Valley on Machame route and Lemosho.

Heim Glacier and Arrow Glacier on West Kilimanjaro will be much comfortable than any other day without full moon.

Mount Kilimanjaro being near to Equator, it is warm that Everest or Elbrus Mountains. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is easier to hike than other World 7 summit peaks. While trekking other 7 summit peaks is Technical and need training, Kilimanjaro is Non technical and only little exercise is needed.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tours through Machame route, Rongai route, Lemosho route and Northern circuit route is recommended. It is easier to reserve Kilimanjaro tour on these Kilimanjaro routes.

Booking tour on full moon dates is unique Kilimanjaro trekking adventure and extra ordinary mountaineering experience is acquired. People like to do unique lifestyle adventure so that it provides value to their money and time. Planning to climb Kilimanjaro on full moon dates is now, check availability and reserve seat now.

Here are Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro full moon dates, choose and reserve your seat.

Full moon dates in 2015 are here:

5 March, 4 May, 02 June, 02 July, 31 July, 29 August, and Lunar half full moon is 13 March, 11 May, 25 May, 09 June, 25 June, 08 July, 25 July, 07 August, 14 August, 22 August, 05 Sept, 15 Oct, 16 July.

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