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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro need preparations like choice of Kilimanjaro routes such as Lemosho route.

Lemosho route is a scenic beautiful route with gentle ascents approaching the mountain from the west.

When choosing favorite Kilimanjaro route for enjoyable ascent is better to compare Kilimanjaro routes and have a sound choice.

Lemosho route begins at Registration point at Londorossi and countinue trekking to summit. Camps and points marked for rest and overnight are Mti Mkubwa Camp, first night in the Kilimandscharo Mountain. From Mti Mkubwa tourists continue to Shira one camp for rest, meals and overnight. Climbers proceed to Shira two camp when they meet with Mountaineers climbing from Machame route.

A - Both Machame route and Lemosho route continues to Barranco Camp. Proceed hiking and pass nearby lava tower. Lava tower is amazing volcano magma residue which make rocks and big volcano residue. This proceed to Karanga camp or Barafu hut.

People who need more time for acclimatization, make overnight at Karanga camp while some others continue up to Barafu camp.

Do you know important of extra time for acclimatization? you rest your muscles, bring your body to mountaineering attention and get time to drink enough water to add enough fluid in your body for summiting strength.

From Barafu Camp, then you can summit.

B- Experienced Mountaineers climb from Shira two camp through steep Arrow glacier camp. This is shorter way which need high courage and mountaineering experience.

So for Machame and Lemosho, any person can easily climb Kilimanjaro to summit through Shira, Barafu and Summit which is easier.

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