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Tourists who enjoyed our services can assure you that you get value of money Kilimanjaro trekking services and enjoyable Tanzania safaris. Some travelers have wrote their travel reviews at Tripadvisor about Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro services and Tanzania safaris booking.Booking Tanzania from Arusha city is simple now, Book trip and pay by credit card through Skrill. Low credit card transaction fee, secure transaction and online booking is simplified by Skrill (

 Climbing mount kilimanjaro and tanzania wildlife safaris repute is growing daily. Over several days, few months and some years the level of knowledge,skills and passion for kilimanjaro trekking, rock climbing and tanzania safari experience leads to quality and satisfactory to clients. This is proved by increased number of past tourists who chose KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS LTD, as their DESTINATION MANAGEMENT TRAVEL COMPANY.

Repute and recognition has grown and spread over several continents including ASIA, EUROPE AND AMERICA. Tourists from ASIA were few, how ever this DESTINATION MANAGEMENT TRAVEL COMPANY has received several travelers from Russia, Thailand and Japan. It is great improvement and from the tourist comments, our guides have learn about customer behaviour and areas which need changed were improved. Mountain climbing guides and wildlife safari naturalistic guides are local born in Tanzania Tourist destinations and are aware of places, people and natural  tourism attractions to tell travelers. These guides speaks mother languages, Tanzania National language as well as English, French, Italian,Spanish and German.

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--Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro travel tips advice and Safaris information is primary function of tourism in Tanzania. Holiday goers need to know important facts about destinations they visit and their quality value for money. Tanzania safari plans need to consider season to visit, choice of accommodation, camps or lodges and price cost. This is motto has made our Company able to build Trust among our clients and be most reliable Travel Agency. Below are latest Tourists made trip booking with Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd, plus most reviews at TripAdvisor.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Machame route 7 days is ecotourism adventure organized by Brigham Young University (BYU) as practical tourism studies and was successful. All 4 students and Professor Jeff did successful summit to Africa roof Kibo Snow. This Trip has just been done in May 2017 and provided useful Kilimanjaro trekking lessons for future tourists.

Uwe Birne from German did Kilimanjaro day trip in November 2016, Shira route day tour is wonderful

Ali Cetin and Minadiye Kaya Group Leader Mountain climbers Nature expeditions from Turkey 14 people climbed Kilimanjaro in 6 days Machame in November 2016.

Sandra Oudshoorn, From Netherlands did summit Uhuru peak via Lemosho route and 2 days safari in August, 2016.

Eberhard Brinkmann from German, made safari with 4 x4 safaris Car in 2015 was very enjoyable.

Ian Woodford from UK made wonderful Kilimanjaro summit via machame route in July 2014 and his review at TripAdvisor is great.

Climbing kilimanjaro packages all inclusive services are very convenient for clients and tourists likes to book tours under one roof. In January one of group of clients done Tanzania wildlife safaris tour and kilimanjaro climbing trip on machame route and below is the comment they shared on our facebook page -K.Tanzaniasafaris. Also they posted Video of Mountain climbing guides and porters singing for them.


More customer testimony from October 2012 to February 2013 proves the Trustworthy of Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co.Ltd and quality services for customer satisfactory.

List of Tanzania tours done include 6 days Lodge safari tour to national parks of Lake Manyara, Serengeti Ngorongoro crater and tarangire; Climbing mount Kilimanjaro travel package on machame route. This is a combo vacation holiday in Tanzania booked by M/S AnBinh and his husband Cooper from W.DC - USA

Richard and Martin did 6 days Machame route Kilimanjaro trekking adventure travel on February 2013 FROM BRAZIL AND MADAGASCA.-- Hi Andrew, 

We are back home and I would like to send you my appreciation on the trip we had on the Kilimandjaro.


First of all, the guides and porters have made a very good job and i would like you to transmit our greetings to them.


Thanks to Bali, Joseph and the team


Mario and his 3 friends booked Tanzania tour of Machame route 6 days climbing Kilimanjaro and budget camping safari tour to Ngorongoro conservation area, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National park. VIENNA AUSTRIA AND ROME ITALY --Dear Andrew,

we all arrived home well. Now we enjoy our experience, between us and our friends.
Thank you for the organisation and services. E
verything was perfect and we are very satisfied

"Thank you to K-Tanzanite Safaris for organizing one of the most memorable vacations we have ever had! Everything went smoothly and your staff were so kind. Your fantastic team who guided us up Mt. Kilimanjaro made it 'less painful' and so much more enjoyable. We will never forget our adventures in Tanzania, thanks to you!" 2013 USA.

Great Wonderful News: Don Gross at age of 77 climbed kilimanjaro through Rongai route and reach Uhuru Peak. His Youngest Son also reach Uhuru Peak. It is very successful climbing kilimanjaro trip in 2011, Other climbers used machame route for 7 days and other Lemosho glade route for 9 days, we are proud that all were comfortable, happier and reached kilimanjaro peak, Kibo at height of 5895m.




References/Comments from former clients about their trips with Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd (KITASA).



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 We have many comments from various past customers, who were happy with our services, below are what they say.


Travel Agents from Special Travel in Belgium had safari and beach holiday with Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Co in 2008 Dec to January 2009. They said " Our safari was exciting and we visited most scenic wildlife safari parks and nice beach areas in Zanzibar:----Mrs VanHeghe Karina and Mr. Vander Biest Luc. Dec 23, 2008 to Jan 03, 2009.


In January 15 to February 02:- Group of 9 climber/mountaineers from Bulgarian Alpinists climbed Mount Kenya for 6 days and then Kilimanjaro through Machame route for 6 days. They said: "Our adventure was rewarding and Guides are friendly/helpful, we finaly steped at Mount Kilimanjaro Summit Kibo 5895m - Uhuru Peak. Praised be Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd. Andrew is Honest and organised our trip professionally and Successful. We will send more climbers. by : Evelina Slavova and Dimitar"


Kilimanjaro Tanzania Safaris Ltd is a local company in Arusha, Tanzania. We booked our trip to climb mount Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro Safari. The Director Andrew  is Honest and helpful.

I trekked Machame route with Guide Baltazari, he is professional and we reached Uhuru peak-Kilimanjaro summit 5895m. Also safari was safe and comfortable.

I wish if I could stay more in Tanzania, friendly people.


..  Ali Cetin and Turkan from Turkey.



"Climbing Kilimanjaro was an INCREDIBLE experience - theres nothing like it in the world!. I found myself on the mountain with my old college friend who had reminded me that we dreamed of climbing Kili 27 years ago...Well, we finally did it and reaching the summit with Randy ranks right up there with the greatest things Ive ever done...Im also in the process of launching a new business venture in USA, and climbing Kilimanjaro was a terrific way to kick off that adventure as well."

"I cannot imagine a better guide service than Baltazari and his crew provided...Baltazari KNOWS the mountain, having climbed it 115 times...He paced our ascent perfectly and seemed to know exactly how to coach us along the way...His equipment and food (Emmanuel is the master mountain chef) were absolutely the best! More importantly, we enjoyed our expedition so much because Baltazari and his men are such good people, and now good friends."

Same wise I had 14 days safari touring many Northern circuit National parks including Mkomazi game reserve, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park e.t.c.

I mixed excellent accommodation like Sopa Lodges, Seronera wildlife lodges, and campsite. Tour Guide (Mr. Edwin) is knowledgeable about nomenclature (names) of wild animals, plants, some birds, geographical features, and animal behaviours. He also gave us ancestral stories and all about African cultures including maasai, hadzabe, datoga, chagga (most successful tribe in Tanzania, entrepreneurs) e.t.c

Real, I liked it.

---John Seto, USA.




"I wanted to write a note expressing my sincere thanks for a truly unbelievable trip...Your organization from top to bottom is accommodating, well-run, detail oriented, and most importantly, staffed with the best people...Every person with whom I interacted, from Malisa on the safari to Martin, Jacob and several of the porters I met on the climb were interesting, intelligent, and working hard to ensure my comfort, safety, and good time.

"Gerald was always willing and happy to go longer and later on each safari day than we could last...Even though he was working and we were relaxing, we were always the ones to call the day's end.

"As to Victor, he was responsible for my health and well-being on a difficult climb to impressive and potentially dangerous altitudes...I felt comfortable in his care throughout...His pacing, awareness of conditions, awareness of client's conditions, and overall expertise and experience made what was a challenging climb for me into a successful and safe accomplishment I will never forget...Martin and Jacob as well, were a pleasure to be with, fun to talk to, and obviously concerned with our well being and working hard to make sure everything was safe and enjoyable...Even our porters, with whom we played cards most nights, were obviously the best on the mountain...They were engaging, happy and worked well as a team.

"I could not have been happier with your choice of itinerary, food, lodging or any of the many decisions you made concerning the details of the trip."

--Daniel Loschek, German.



Unique attributes we offer quality services


 Why Choose Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris as your Travel Specialist Host in Tanzania


   Our staff is certified travel specialists in Tanzania.


Our local guides are all bi-lingual, licensed, trained, and with years of experience. We use quality vehicles, mountain equipment, and camping gear. Safety is our top priority.

We are not the most expensive or the cheapest -- we offer the very best value and quality for your money.

Cultural tours, Ecotourism, wildlife safaris, walking safaris and treks around Tanzania

                          Custom itineraries and daily departures at a reasonable price

                          Travel in your own group on your own itinerary but at group tour prices

                          Small group package tours

                          Qualified, experience, English/French/German-speaking local guides

                          Cultural tours showing the uniqueness and character of Maasai, Bushmen     (datoga, hadzabe), Chagga from Kilimanjaro

                          Treks are achievable by anyone in moderately fit condition

                          No fixed dining diets, we give varieties to create your appetites

                          Secluded Game drives, wilderness camps inside game parks

                          Unlimited wildlife viewing tours and incentive trips


       More incentives we offer to Our Guests/Tourists

Local Professional Tour Guides will explore new places and learning about other cultures with you

A good price for a great experience is just what you are looking for.

The sound of lions outside your campsite/Lodge at night,

You like quick, personal, and expert service when booking a once in a lifetime trip.

Giving back to the community (through Ecotourism) where you visit makes you feel good.

We have reliable transport facilities to suit customer/client needs; Brand new, well maintained 4X4 Landrovers and Land cruisers - really we say they are land friendly. We have shuttle buses from both JKIA Nairobi Kenya and JRO Kilimanjaro in Tanzania daily to pick up our clients/customers.




We offers International Standard Camping facilities and camping services in general secure, comfortable atmosphere and environmental friendly energy servers, an experience that is had to forget and easy to recall in your entire life on Earth regarding wild ecosystems.



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Update Kilimanjaro climb testimonials from clients in 2015/2016

Kilimanjaro climbing trips done in 2015/2016, read travel reviews from clients booked Kilimanjaro treks with Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd (KITASA).... Past clients who climbed Kilimanjaro posted their tour opinions and testimonials at TripAdvisor. When you plan and looking to book climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, travel tips and travelogue from fellow travelers help you decide and book vacation trip with peace of Mind. 

TripAdvisor, Inc. is an American travel website company providing reviews of travel-related content. It also includes interactive travel forums, travel reviews include Wildlife safari reviews and recommended Kilimanjaro routes and trustworthy Travel company in Tanzania (KITASA).

Travel tips and tourism reviews about destinations are provided by live update communication methods below:

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WhatsApp: +255784811095

Read about Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd (KITASA) reviews from several tourists,tourists testimonial prove quality of services, fair prices and friendly international Hospitality customer care. Now, read from Tripadvisor and to contact them is possible by email or Telephone...

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Best Kilimanjaro climbing reviews from UK tourists climbed Kilimanjaro -

Most recent Travel reviews are tourists climbed Kilimanjaro via Machame route are Vikram Sundarraj and Gautham Reddy Nallavari, these did trek to Kilimanjaro summit successful. Below is their comment. 

"Great Experience and Good value for money, Kilimanjaro guides and porters were helpful and supportive and hence it is reason we summit successful to Mount Kilimanjaro Snow"

Tanzania safari plans and experience organized by KITASA are amazing and wonderful....Mr. Kurt Dee from USA finished his African safaris 7 days trip well and was enjoyable.

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