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Trekking Kilimanjaro Day tour, below is wild flowers in Mount Kilimanjaro forest

This is just the tourists to have little taste how is to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, without necessary ascending to the top and yet want to experience the beautiful Geographical beauty nature of the Mountain. So a day trip hike Kilimanjaro Marangu to the first hut will be ideal for them. This hike to the first hut will allow you to have a feel of the mountain for one day. The climb through the rain forest will be breathtaking as you come close to nature while making your body enjoy a nice walk without feeling too exhausted at the end

Cost for the Day hike is from 150 US $ if you are group of 4 or more

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Day hike through Marangu gate One day

Day Kilimanjaro trek begin in Marangu gate at 1980m, youll start from here and hike through the rainforest to visit Maundi Crater and the Mandara encampment. This half-day trip gives you an opportunity to spot colobus monkeys and a startling array of birdlife in their natural habitat.


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