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Eco Tours Amani nature reserve, beach holidays Pangani

Eco Tours, private beach holidays, German history, Tanga beach and bird watching

Amani nature reserve and Usambara Mountains are biodiversity hotspots where ecotourism is one of the things to do list. Lushoto Town and Pangani beach are tourist towns with Tourist Lodges and beach hotels, beach resorts respectively.

Within Tanga region there is a lot to experience for travelers from German, Europe and whole world. German missionaries lived there and spread Christianity, example there are several Churches left and now are seen as History of German existence there. There are also more features which depict German history in his colony Tanganyika, Africa. Historical sites include ancient caves, colonial buildings, German churches.

Tourist things to do in Usambara Mountains, Amani Nature forest  reserve are hiking, walking safaris, bird watching, eco tours, wildlife safaris, climbing and enjoy most African biodiversity hotspot. These activities can be done in 2 to 4 days and can be a part of acclimatization before attempting climbing mount Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro climbing routes include Marangu route, Rongai trail, Machame,lemosho glades, Shira, Umbwe and Northern circuit route. Machame route , Rongai trail and Lemosho route are most recommended Kilimanjaro trekking trails because are scenery beauty, with wild animals, few people to avoid crowd, more natural and have high percentage of success summiting Kilimanjaro to kibo peak.

Travelers from across the world visit ecotourism destination, biking tours, sport cycling, comfort bikes, kayaks, bird watching, bird watching, sailing and do eco tours off the beaten track and explore local culture as well.

Tanga region beach holidays and explore coral reef

Beach holidays in tropical coastal Tanganyika, private beach holidays with swimming, diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, kayaking and wildlife safari tours Tanzania in Mkomazi, saadani national parks. 

List of pristine beach areas in tanga beach coastal zone is Pangani beach,Ushongo beach and Maziwe Island marine reserve.Vacation holidays package include ecotourism,beach vacation holidays, tropical water diving and do a lot of activities like diving, snorkeling,reef fish, sport fishing,and discover reefs.

North eastern wildlife safari zone includes Mkomazi and Saadani National park and tourists manage to see All Big five animals like Black Rhinocerous in Mkomazi Game reserves, antelopes, giraffes, wild dogs, birds, elephants ,lions, leopards and many animals.


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