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  Join a group Kilimanjaro climb and Safaris Tanzania. Last minute travel deals booking online is available for solo travelers. Cheap backpackers and bargain travel deals are available.  Scheduled departure groups on Machame route, Lemosho and Rongai route invite solo travelers to join Kilimanjaro tours. Southern circuit safari Tanzania group departures are available on selected days of each week. Tanzania safari itineraries available to join group are 4 days Selous Game Reserve safari, 6 days Mikumi National park and Selous safari itinerary, 8 days is Southern circuit Tanzania safari itinerary including Selous, Mikumi and Ruaha National Park. Nature wonder wildlife safari 10 days include Udzungwa National park, Ruaha, Mikumi and Selous game reserve. If you are single person or solo traveler, joining group safari is ideal way to save cost and get budget Tanzania safaris. Sometimes 2 people can decide to join a group to make sure travel cost is low.

Private safari booking is available for party of 2 people or more. Private safari is exclusive nature wildlife safari in Tanzania to watch all big 5 wildlife animals in Africa. Price cost options are prepared according to number of vacation holiday days and how many people in a party during booking. Bargain travel is allowed and last minute booking is available for budget camping safaris, basic tented camps in the wilderness of Serengeti National park and Ngorongoro crater.

Joining Kilimanjaro climb group or budget camping safaris is most valuable for people who look for travel buddies or solo travelers. Schedules group departures is available for selected Kilimanjaro routes such as Machame, Rongai and Lemosho. Join groups on scheduled departure dates during best season to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The time of Year with favorite weather for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro are July, August and September, though June, October and November are also good because nowadays weather is fluctuating due to global warming. 

Machame route is famous Kilimanjaro route with seats to join and climb Kilimanjaro in a group. It is guarantee to book trip and get seat for you to join a scheduled group hiking up Kilimanjaro if you book early from now. Price become cheap if you join a group. Backpacker hotels are available to save money. Backpackers travel group joining is available through Machame route. Daily Kilimanjaro treks is organized through Machame route. Budget Camping safari joining group is available on Tanzania safari itineraries 4 days wildlife tours, 5 days adventure safaris and 6 days budget camping safaris. Booking group travel joining trip is easier and booking online. Steps to register and reserve spot to trek Kilimanjaro is confirmed by paying Credit Card through Skrill or Payoneer.

Kilimanjaro trekking Adventure Tours and Tanzania safari travel packages diverse options

Climbing mount kilimanjaro is adventure of life time, you can climb kilimanjaro through machame, rongai, marangu, lemosho or shira. Kilimanjaro trekking welcome climbers to form groups. Machame route is most scenic beauty and have good acclimatization. Rongai have good acclimatization also and it is easiest to first time climbers. Budget travel deals are suitable for solo travelers and backpackers. Backpackers get cheap Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro trek Rongai and budget travel Machame. Book cheap flight tickets to fly to Kilimanjaro Airport Tanzania.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is more than climbing mountain because you will have more scenic natural attractions. Climbing mount kilimanjaro get across natural forest,waterfalls,birds,volcano, weather,wild animals and more...


Joining a group is a way to save money and travel in budget. Joining a group is fun and have life benefits by creating new friends. Find a travel partner for climbing kilimanjaro trip or Tanzania. If you are alone, then schedule your favorite travel date and email KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS LTD for available departure groups. Freedom to travel in your dates and meets your interests is considered. Guarantee yourself by reading testimony from travelers and people like you who have climbed Kilimanjaro through Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safari travel review at TRIPADVISOR - recommendation to book Kilimanjaro climb - <a href="">Mount Kilimanjaro Destination reviews </a>


Tanzania safari booking options for solo travelers and solo women is to join safari group existing from June to December 2016. 

Wildlife safaris in Tanzania is another vacation holiday in Tanzania. Safari tour to tourist destinations like Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, Tarangire, in Northern Circuit. Also safari to Selous game reserve, ruaha, mikumi, udzungwa in Southern tanzania safari without forgetting chimpanzee trekking. Budget safari booking and last minute booking for solo travelers is available. Wildlife safari travel packages include safari itinerary of 3 days safari, 4 days lodge safaris, 5 days adventure safaris, 6 days wildlife safaris and 7 days Budget camping safaris.


Information, planning and booking depends if you are honeymooners, Family or pre organised group. Other Options are available like joining group on arrival.


Joining a safari group in Tanzania and Kilimanjaro trekking adventures


Thousands of travelers come to Tanzania each year looking to join a group on safari or a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro. These travelers - usually backpackers - are looking to save some money and join a fun group for their adventures. The theory is, the more people you have on a climb or on safari, the lower the price. 


In fact, it's almost too expensive to go on safari alone (Kilimanjaro can be managed), Booking Tanzania safari on a budget cost is available.

Another advantage of joining a group especially on climbing mount kilimanjaro, is that you get more courage, and share history of other climbers.

All services are included in this package.


Cost is a major consideration for most people. The Serengeti is not cheap with park fees alone doubling to US $50 per person per day from January 2006. There are some lodges that cater for budget safaris and if you also travel in low season then costs are reduced considerably.

Budget Camping safari will cost  196 US $ per per person per day.

Let say 6 days camping safari tour covering Tarangire, Lake manyara,Serengeti,Ngorongoro Crater,maasai village bomas and Olduvai Gorge; cost is 196 $ x 6 days = 1176 US $ per person.


To join a group or a private safari, joining a group will be cheaper this being the only advantage if cost is an issue. Always to have a vehicle to yourself will give you more privacy, is more relaxing and there will be more flexibility with the itinerary.


Joining a group is not a common word in Africa Adventure Safaris. This is useful when you are traveling alone  ( solo traveler) and wish to buy a trip in Tanzania or any other tourist destinations in East Africa.


Benefits of group joining includes:

   1. Cutting down the cost of safari (sharing costs including transport, accommodation, crater fees)

2. Creating travel companion for chatting and an opportunity for making new African safari friends


Below is a schedule of departure for adventure trips based on

-Kilimanjaro trekking/climb,


-Cultural tourism



Other routes are also available on request for joining the group

These schedules repeat at the interval of two days

Meru trekking and climbing trips are available on request.

Meru trekking and Arusha National Park bird watching, walking safaris can be arranged when we get prior notice.




8 days, 10 days, 14 days safari duration are available on camping safari.

Camping safari gives you Great chance and happyness to start safari trip any day.


Wildlife Safari packages, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days plus.

Tanzania safari professional guided, group price.

Safari: Luxury safari Lodge costs 340 US $ per person per day

Standard Lodges/Tented camps costs 260 US $ per person per day

Basic Camping safari costs 1986 US $ per person per day.

Kindly send us your preferable holiday travel dates and we will put you on schedule.


Tour Operators/Travel Agents or Group who wish to send or refer clients/Tourists to us, then apply for special discount rates.

Group of more than 16 people will also get further discount and also get cheaper flight arrangements.


NOTE: prices are inclusive of all services except international flights to Kilimanjaro Airport-KIA/JRO, and VISA. Advise to hire your personal Mountain gears from our store.


These are Lodge/permanent tented luxury camps and basic (budget) comfortable Safaris.


When enquiring about these or one of this program, mention route and type of accommodation interested.


Evergreen Beach Bungalows, Blue Oyster Hotel, Mnarani Beach Cottages, Amaan Beach bungalows, Mtoni marine

beach Hotel, and Tembo house beach hotel are best pristine white sand beaches in Zanzibar. These Zanzibar Beach

Hotels are located on East coast, North coast, and stone town beach hotels respectively.


These are beach hotels in which we have Business Contract and so we can give cheaper accommodation.

Just imagine pristine white sand beach 50 US $ to 80 US $ per person! !


Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Jozani Forest (only place with red colobus monkey in the world) excursions and other exciting

activities are available in these Beach Hotels.


Inquiry now for more details, affordable prices and itineraries.

Cheap travel, comfortable, reliable, safety journeys everyday departures




Find exciting destinations, adventure travel, accommodations, tours,

attractions and much more, then Book Direct and save money. Book budget Kilimanjaro tours trekking to summit. Rongai route Kilimanjaro hike and Machame route treks are available.

Last minute travel deals for safari in Tanzania Uganda and Kenya.

Last minute travel deals for safari in Tanzania Uganda and Kenya.


Last minute travel deals are not a new phenomenon in East Africa safaris.

Tourists planning climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Machame route, Rongai route, Shira route,

Lemosho routes have better deals and advantage. Rongai route is Kilimanjaro route easier to climb and available. Kilimanjaro trekking Rongai route is cheap and meets your budget.

Same wise last minute is easier planned for camping safaris in Tanzania and Kenya.

Last minute travel deals do not insist on prior Lodge/hotel reservations in the

National Parks or Game Reserves.


We are always prepared to offer you comfortable wildlife viewing tours or mountain climbing trips

 like Kilimanjaro trekking, Oldonyo Lengai e.t.c.

To Book, write email to Subject: Last minute travel deals and

you get special attention and urgent reply. Welcome!


Visit Uganda, make safari to know Uganda wildlife with Chimpanzee tracking tour.

We have special 8 days 7 nights and 9 days 8 nights sample itineraries and more or less other

sample or tailor made itineraries -Uganda safari for you, ask about it!

When you book tell us how many people are you in a group. The price varies according to

the number of people, this means more number of people get cheaper price. O.K

We wish you tell us if you are read to join a group, we would appreciate if you tell us your budget for

this safari so that we can figure out the costs smoothly and conform to your budget.O.K


We organize safaris Holidays in Kenya.


Our services in Kenya are as follows:

(i)                  Mount Kenya climbing

(ii)                Wildlife Safaris to Amboseli, Samburu, Aberdare, Masai Mara, Tsavo East, Tsavo West

National Parks and other tourist sites.

(iii)               Beach Holidays in Mombasa and Malindi Kenya.


When booking indicate number of days/nights you wish to stay, indicate names of places you wish to

visit and give us the idea if you are low budget traveler or Moderate or Luxury type.


Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya wildlife safari, Cultural Tourism and Beach Holidays specialist Tour Operator,

contact us now. Email us;




Adventure Sport Trips

We are glad to intruduce these Adventure Sport trips as follows:

(i) Selous Game Reserve Safari balloon flying

(ii) Sky diving mount Kilimanjaro

(iii) Horse Riding

(iv) Camel safaris

(v) Mountain biking/cycling

(vi) Bird watching

(vii) Walking Safaris

(viii) Night Game drives

(ix) Cultural Tourism visiting native people exploring their

culture such as maasai, bushmen datoga, hadzabe, in Lake Eyasi

Natron and Ngorongoro Crater

For tailor made itinerary and price let us know your duration and number of people

coming for the trips/activity tours you choose.



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