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Kilimanjaro Marathon Travel sports Event

Yearly International Sports and Travel Events occurs at slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, this is Kilimanjaro Marathon.

Kilimanjaro Marathon is sports adventure travel event which happens in Moshi town. Moshi town is tourist town at slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Moshi is preferred base camp for booking and planning Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions. Kilimanjaro Marathon was established as sports and travel event to encourage environmental conservation and tree planting and prevent global warming effects on Snows of Kilimanjaro. Further more Kilimanjaro Marathon helps to promote and en courage people to make exercise for health and charity fund raising. Kilimanjaro Marathon Fundraising helps orphans and disabled in Moshi and Worldwide.

Kilimanjaro Marathon is planned and happens every year at end of February or first week of March. It is sports adventure which attracts many International Tourists, Diplomats, political leaders and environmental activists. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tours, Wildlife safari trips, helicopter flights, walking safaris and nature trekking are holiday activities done in hand with Marathon. Hotels in Moshi are of International standards and offers quality services. Hotels in Moshi can accommodate all guests during this event.Online booking of Hotels and reservations can be done at or through Local Tour Operator, Chat online at Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

Tanzania safari planning is easier because sample Tanzania safari itineraries are provided. Choices of safari lodges and recommended safari camps are suggested along with daily room rates.

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 Travel tips and tourism reviews are useful to book Kilimanjaro climbing, beach Holidays Zanzibar and guided wildlife safaris Tanzania.

Travel tips for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to summit are acclimatization, weather forecast, climbing training, hiking gears and health travel tips. How to acclimatize, possible ways to acclimatize include hiking Empakai crater Ngorongoro, climbing Mount Meru and tours Waterfalls in Moshi. 


Travel marketplace for Kilimanjaro climbing trips provides price costs options which suit all tourists pockets. Kilimanjaro trekking package prices balances well between quality and budget of most tourists. At Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Marketplace, travelers can shop various travel deals for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


Beach holidays to Zanzibar island, mafia island and fishing safaris also organised. Special cultural events in Zanzibar are organized such as Mwaka Kogwa and Blue Safari in Zanzibar. Sun bathing is enjoyable at Zanzibar beach holiday in white sand beaches. Cheap beach resorts and luxury beach hotels are available, it depends budget of tourist.

Write to us to inquire for more information on planning and booking safari adventure holiday trips in Tanzania,Africa. Travel marketplace for booking Tanzania safaris is friendly platform for booking African safari holidays. Various travel deals at safari marketplace provided include budget camping safaris, southern circuit safaris Tanzania, 7 days 6 nights Tanzania safari, 6 days lodge safari, 5 days adventure safari and 4 days wildlife safari tours to Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater.

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