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Climbing mount Kilimanjaro package 7 days Machame route, in 2018 students discount prices available. 

Machame route 7 days Kilimanjaro trekking GAP adventure and summer discount price costs available for 2018. 

Machame route is one of Kilimanjaro trekking trails designated and officially recognized to be safe and high security for hiking Kilimanjaro to the summit. Kilimanjaro climbing trails are famous known as Kilimanjaro routes. Machame route is best choice among other climbing mount Kilimanjaro routes because it is scenic beauty with many varied plants, wildlife, volcanic and snow features. Machame route is also known as Whiskey route as it is more challenging than others. Advantages of choosing to climb Kilimanjaro through machame route are that has best chance for acclimatization and has high success rates.

Taking the 7 day machame route means normal 6 days plus extra day at Karanga Valley Camp, at 13,000 feet (3,950 mt.), between Barranco and Barafu Camps. This helps to reduce the long day in half and adds an important day for acclimatization. Universities are invited for budget ecotourism education Trips, discount booking in 2018.

DAY 1: Machame gate to MACHAME camp.

After breakfast you depart by vehicle to Kilimanjaro. At the gate your crew finalize packing and after finishing with formalities you start of from Machame gate. Today's hiking is through verdant afro montane forest to Machame camp and on route you have a picnic lunch. Look out for pretty endemic flora and a gradation of forest zones --Overnight Machame Camp (breakfast - lunch dinner.

DAY 2: from machame camp to shira camp.

From Machame camp you hike to Shira Camp. The first section is relatively steep and altitude is gained rapidly. A picnic lunch is taken on trail today. The zone you pass through today is known as the heath zone where attractive wild flowers and lobelia plants become apparent. Various geologic features can be seen today from lava tubes to glacial valleys--Overnight Shira Camp (breakfast - lunch - dinner)

DAY 3: Shira camp to Barranco Camp.

Today is a walk high sleep low day. You ascend into alpine desert and for those that are feeling strong you can even head up to Lava Tower before descending to Barranco camp. Lunch is taken as a picnic lunch on route. This is long day but note that the next time you head to this altitude is in two days time - great acclimatization day---Overnight Barranco Camp (breakfast - lunch - dinner)


DAY 4: Barranco camp.

From Barranco camp, famous for its' giant groundsels, you ascend the Barranco wall and hike glacial valleys to Karanga camp. Today is a relatively short day hiking and lunch is taken at Karanga camp. In the afternoon a walk can be taken with your guides for great views of the Southern walls of Kibo and deep glacial valleys---Overnight Karanga Camp (breakfast - lunch - dinner)


DAY 5: Barranco camp to Barafu camp.

Today is another half day ascending to Barafu camp. Once again lunch is taken in camp allowing plenty of time to relax before the summit bid. Desolate alpine desert and at times strong winds rip over this camp and yet in the evening splendid views of Mawenzi peak are the norm. A relatively early dinner is taken before heading to rest for the evening---Overnight Barafu Camp (breakfast - lunch - dinner)


DAY 6: Barafu camp Kilimanjaro summit/kibo peak Mweka.

Most people depart just before midnight for the final summit bid. Patience and persistence is the name of game to reach the summit and by dawn as the first rays of light start to appear, most arrive near the rim. Ascending via Stella Point affords a relatively short final section to Uhuru peak, the Roof of Africa! What goes up must come down and your goal today is to reach Mweka camp. Have overnight Mweka Camp (breakfast - lunch - dinner)


DAY 7: Mweka to Arusha or Moshi

After breakfast you descend once again through montane forest and around mid day after saying farewell to your crew, you are picked up and transfer back to your hotel for a leisure. Then have overnight the Hotel (breakfast - lunch - dinner).

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