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Mombasa beach kenya, vacation beach holiday

MOMBASA, KENYA. is another amazing vacation beach holiday as well as Mafia island and Zanzibar.

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Mombasa is Kenya's second largest city and island together. Mombasa has the only deepwater port called Kilindini Port. In many ways, it is the country's lifeline to the world.  Several colonial visitors, slave traders, businessmen, explorers and missionaries lived here from Arab, Portugal, German, and British.


Mombasa also has numerous mosques, churches and temples. Each religious base has intricate artwork encompassed on the walls of its building.


Mombasa undoubtedly has one of the best white sandy beaches and coral reefs in Africa . The beachfront along the North and South coasts of the town, characterizes Mombasa as the ideal place for a vacation.


Mombasa city has beautiful beaches, scenery, islands, and history. Fort Jesus is a key remnant of slave trade in Mombasa town; it still contains cells where the slaves were held, and various artifacts from that era.   Fort Jesus is may be Mombasa 's biggest attraction, also land mark of the city is located on Moi Avenue : a pair of crossed ' tusks' created as a ceremonial arch to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Treasury Square remains the administrative center of Mombasa and features old colonial buildings, the historic town hall, and a charming garden square.


Beach Hotels, Resorts, Beach resorts in Mombasa have all inclusive beach facilities like diving,water sports,diving,snorkeling,diving, and more for leisure beach holiday in Mombasa Kenya.

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