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Mountaineering or mountain climbing is the sport, hobby or profession of hiking and trekking mountains.

The "Base Camp" of a mountain is an area used for staging an attempt at the summit. Base camps are positioned to be safe from the harsher conditions above. In Mount Kilimanjaro, Moshi and Arusha are used as a base for all climbing Kilimanjaro trips. How ever, climbing Kilimanjaro to the top you pass through one of 6 official routes designated by Mount Kilimanjaro national park authority. These routes are well surveyed and are safe, with all security and approved. These Kilimanjaro climbing routes have been used for years without problems.

Climbing mount kilimanjaro through Machame route, Lemosho route and Rongai route offer more scenery and reward than any other route. Climbing kilimanjaro on Lemosho route is best plan because it is most beauty and scenic and has enough time for acclimatization.

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Santiam Alpine Club - A free, online, mountaineering education resource.

Mountain Mart Treks and Expeditions - Adventure trekking in Nepal with local trekking agency and , 20 years of offering climbs to the top of Everest and nearby mountains, as well as walks to Everest basecamp, and many beautiful trails, for men and women of all ages. We also offer Everest training climbs, glacier schools, and charity service walks. Welcome to our team!

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These routes begin at the lowest designated point, well established and used also as registration point by Tanzania National parks authority. In each routes, there is a camp or Mountain hut constructed after reasonable altitude and km so that climbers will rest, prepare food and overnight.

In Mount Kilimanjaro, there are features of avalanches or falling rocks, it is not very steep hence no complicated equipments needed or no training needed and also no training required.

Since tourists, travelers and climbers come from different weather or climate, acclimatization is important so that climbers avoid altitude sickness.  When climber gets altitude sickness, he can not continue climbing.  For planning mountain climbing, acclimatization is considered and enough time arranged.

Contact Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd for professional advice and current information on Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, travel tips.

Get various climbing kilimanjaro packages, kilimanjaro trekking, kilimanjaro expeditions and all inclusive climbing mount kilimanjaro trips. Also ask any question about kilimanjaro climbing route,weather, mountain guide, mountain menu/food.


Climbing mount kilimanjaro, machame route, rongai route, lemosho route, beach holidays, tanzania safaris

After kilimanjaro climbing tour, travelers can extend their vacation holiday with beach holiday or tanzania safaris for wildlife viewing tour. Kilimanjaro trekking adventures is recommended through machame route, rongai route or lemosho route. 

Tanzania safaris is a journey to national parks, game reserves and conservation area for wildlife viewing tours. Wildebeest migration tanzania safari is mainly done in serengeti national park and tourists are advised to add ngorongoro conservation area which is nearby.

Beach holiday is an option for leisure tour to explore tropical coastal and islands. Top beach tourist destinations are islands like zanzibar, mafia. Zanzibar beach hotels, zanzibar beach resorts, mafia island lodges, mafia beach resorts offer best diving and snorkeling in Tanzania.

Wine tours, african food

Food and Wine Tours.

African foods, wines made from Tanzania grapes or Southern Africa wines.

On your vacation holiday travel to Tanzania for either wildlife safaris or Kilimanjaro climbing, you also get diversified tourism services like cultural tourism, wine tours, African food, and coffee tours.

Tour the world with winemakers, chefs and regional experts in small, intimate groups for both land trips and cruises. Escape from the everyday and join Cellar Tours for a unique food, wine, and travel.

Southern Africa sightseeing tours and attractions include tours to Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, and South Africa.

There is variety of wine and food tours to browse and choose. Combine your Tanzania safaris or climbing Kilimanjaro adventures with wines tours and food tasting.

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