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Safari Lodges and Camps in game parks

Planning African safaris then accommodation is important aspect which affects price cost and comfort.

Below are recommended safari lodges and wilderness camps for your wildlife safari Tanzania.

Another factor which leads on how to choose accommodation is wildebeest migration. Time and location of wildebeest migration guide you on which lodge or camp to choose. Below are Lodges and camps with daily overnight price indications per Double room full board.

Most safari lodges and camps in National parks based on chains of ownership.Hotels and Lodges accommodation chain compose of Lake Manyara Hotel, Serengeti wildlife lodge, Lobo Wildlife Lodge and Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge. Price is around 480 to 550 US $ per Double room.


Seronera Wildlife Lodge best months for wildebeest migration are July to September. Lobo Wildlife Lodge is best from October to December.


Wilderness Camps chain consist of Medium camp, Ngorongoro farm House, Lake Manyara tented camp and Tarangire Lake Burunge Camp. Price is around 420 to 480 US $ per Double room.


Wilderness camps chain of Lake Maseck permanent tented camp, Serengeti under canvas luxury tented camp price is 850 US $ per Double room.


Halisi Tented camps in Serengeti National park price is 470 US $ per double tent/room


Kongolo Luxury tented camp in Serengeti (470 US $) and Rhino Lodge (250 US $) per double room Full board.


A migration luxury camp in Serengeti is ideal for wildebeest migration tour African safaris. Price is 900 US $ per double room.

Mapito tented camp is a luxury camp set ideal at wildebeest migration tracks and with maximum wildlife views price is 600 US $ per double room.


And beyond is a hotel chain in Africa well known for its luxury Lodges and Hotels in game parks including Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Conservation area and Serengeti National park. Kleins camp/lodge, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Lake Manyara tree Lodge and grumeti camp offer high end luxury services all inclusive price is 755 to 1550 US $ PER PERSON per night. Prices are per person and will depend on which property and time.


Osupuko Lodge chain consists of Tarangire Osupuko Lodge and Serengeti Canvas luxury tents. Price is 600 US $ per Double room per night


Sopa Lodges have safari Lodges in Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti, price is 570 US $ per Double room per night.


Serena Hotels is the largest and well known hotel chain with Lodges and hotels in many countries in Africa and Asia. Hotels in Tanzania include Dar es salaam Serena Hotel and Zanzibar Serena beach Hotel. And safari lodges in National parks, game parks and Ngorongoro conservation area are: Lake Manyara Serena, Ngorongoro Serena Lodge, Serengeti serena Lodge, Mbuzi mawe tented camp, Selous luxury camp, Selous wildlife lodge and Kirawira private luxury tented camp.


Serena hotels Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Serena Lodge, Serengeti Lodge and Mbuzi Mawe tented camp price is from 600 to 800 US $ per double room.


Angata Luxury camps are private luxury tented camps in Serengeti National park and Ngorongoro. These are mobile luxury tented camps set build according to wildebeest migration movement. Price ranges from 600 to 650 US $ per double room.


Mbalageti tented camps and lodges is located in north of Serengeti and best months for wildebeest migration are July to September. Price ranges from 600 to 650 US $ per double room.


Ndutu Safari Lodge is located at South Serengeti, Ndutu area which is breeding site for wildebeest. Price ranges from 480 to 550 US $ per double room.


Sanctuary retreats have luxury camps in Tarangire and South Serengeti. Price ranges from 1100 to 1200 US $ per double room. Swala Luxury camp in Tarangire and Kusini Serengeti are private exclusive wildlife tours in Tanzania.


Asanja Africa luxury tented have properties in Serengeti and Ngorongoro, price is 1000 US $ per double room.


Bililla Lodge Serengeti is luxury lodge in north of Serengeti, price is 1200 to 1400 US $ per double room.  Best location for wildebeest migration in Serengeti.


Other safari lodges are in Lake Eyasi bushmen tour accommodation is Kisimangeda tented camp price is 500 US $ per double room


TIndiga tented camp in Lake Eyasi price is 400 US $ per double room.


Tarangire Whistling thorn camp price is 250 US $ per double room.


Lake Natron camp in Lake natron base of Oldonyo lengai is 420 US $ per double room.


4 x 4 safari vehicle for wildlife tours and game drives is another factor for planning safari costs. This costs from 180 to 220 US $ per day.


If taking 3 days safari and 4 days safari car will cost 220 US $ per day.


From 5 days to 7 more car will cost 200 US $ per day.


From 8 days or more car will cost 180 US $ per day.


Cost of 4 x 4 game drive car include fuel for unlimited game drives and tours per day, include driver guide salary and accommodation for driver guide.


So another cost for your African safaris and Tanzania tours is Park entry fee and nowadays is known as conservation fee.


For Mount Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Mkomazi, Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Tarangire entry fees, look at link below.


For Ngorongoro conservation area fees are walking fees, entry fees, hiking fee


Crater services fee is applicable when tourists in a 4WD vehicle descend to crater for wildlife tour and costs 200 US $ per vehicle.

 Guide to know travel costs above will be helpful for you when you receive travel package cost from inquire.

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African safari holiday planning need information on which wildlife safari destination to go.

When tourists doing research about wildlife destinations and which country to do, there are some useful online information provided by Travel Magazines, safari bookings market place and Tanzania specialist safari booking DMC. Destination Management Company in Tanzania is local tour operator which provides all ground handling travel services such as Airport transfers, Hotel reservations in Arusha, hiking gears store to hire gears and safari car 4 x 4. Travel tips and tourism information is provided by safari bookings website and DMC in Arusha Tanzania about all wildlife destinations, wilderness camps and safari lodges. DMC in Arusha also facilitates online booking of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro adventures and helicopter flights.

Long wildlife safaris and short safari trips are organized as follows, check travel plans and safari itineraries.

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