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Usambara trekking from Lushoto ecotourism budget

Responsible travel destination places in Africa include West Usambara whereby trekking begin from Lushoto town in Tanga. 

Affordable ecotourism Lodges begin as cheap as 10 US $ per night. West Usambara Mountains is beautiful responsible travel hiking destinations which provides door for tourists to see a lot of birds, nature trees, rare flowers like Violet, chameleons, beautiful landscapes etc. 

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Trekking adventures organized from Lushoto in West usambara are best way for acclimatization before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Responsible travel tourists can do a lot of ecotourism adventure things.

Magamba rain forest hike...approx 6 hours.....35 tsh p.p. which includes already the forest fees

== Sightseeing tours Soni waterfalls 40  US $ per person

length dep. on if the clients want to hike down to soni all the way or if they take public or private transport for a part of the way

== Mkuzi waterfall ....option to swim ......  45 US $ per person

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