1. Personalized services and free consultation

Each of our clients has a dedicated travel consultant who is available for a call at any time any day and with immediate responses.

The consultant will advise where to spend and were not to spend in order to maximizing your travel budget.

  1. Great Prices Guaranteed!

Our trip cost policy is customer centered that we formulate prices based on client capability and readiness to pay

We only save a small (as low as 15% of net-profit) to make us alive and conquer the competition to serve better our client in the future

  1. We use experienced guides

Our guides are 10+ years experienced and can give you another level of knowledge, fun and enjoyment when on safari.

We use English speaking guides as our primary language with possible switch to other international languages like Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch on special request and additional payment may apply

  1. Customer Security and Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Registration: We are registered by BRELA under Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Limited

Partnership: Easy go Africa

Planned Routes Flexibility- we accept change of routes that do not affect price and original planning

  1. We use well serviced safari vehicles

During wildlife viewing we use 4WD Jeep with unlimited mileage, guided walks

The jeeps are well maintained and furnished with bottle water, travel guide book, radio call, binocular, fridge, phone charger, pop up game viewing roof, first aid kit, fire extinguisher

  1. Responsive Tourism is our priority

We value the communities that surround the attraction area since these communities are the source of attraction existence. We there fore share our profit by paying back to them through community project support

We also value very much the nature and natural ecosystem and thus we are highly committed into adhering to all set rules, laws and regulations that protect our environment

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