Special private Kilimanjaro expedition itineraries are available on this page. Climbers will climb Kilimanjaro away from tourists crowds and experience real ecotourism. Now get discount tour offers available, get a FREE price quote. Mount Kilimanjaro’s private Kilimanjaro trekking are trips through Lemosho and Machame.  You choose from the Machame route for 7 days, Lemosho 8 days, and Lemosho 7 days. We recommend you choose among these trips to get the best results in acclimatization and summit.

Private climbers register at the Lemosho gate and then drive by 4WD to head trail which begins the Londorosi gate. Climbers begin from the green rain forests and see most animals found are black and white colobus monkeys, impalas, bush baby, and a variety of birds. Discount tour offers include the Machame route 7 days and Lemosho route trips.

The Lemosho route is a top choice among other Kilimanjaro routes because its nature is intact and has wonderful beauty. Trips that begin at the Londrosi gate are Lemosho and Northern circuit.  The comfort and enjoyment of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro are hiking pole pole, it means going up slowly. Trekking slowly helps you to acclimatize, enjoy the beauty of nature, avoid fatigue and your body becomes used to high altitude weather.