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Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris (KITASA) is your local Tour Operator in Tanzania. We help you spend an unforgettable time on safaris to the Serengeti and More. We help you climb Kilimanjaro. We take you Kilimanjaro trekking, camping and we take care of all necessary equipment. We assist you with all types of car hire. We can organise conferences for you. We are the experts on safari Lodges in Tanzania.

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As a reputable DMC, we handle all ground travel services such as airport transfers, hotel bookings, Safari Lodge reservations and you can rent your camping equipment for your budget camping safari. At any destination, we manage all your transport needs through self-drive car rental, Tanzania car hire, sightseeing tours budget car hire, etc. Our fully equipped 4 x 4 safari car is available for rental, contact us.

You can get safari quote free of charge, we can send you Tanzania safari prices on several itineraries you like.  We cater to all travel styles from Private the trip, honeymoon holiday, Family travel with children e.t.c

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The packages covers Kilimanjaro climbing, Tanzania safaris, Tanzania culture tours and Zanzibar Beach Holiday and Relaxation

Tanzania Selective Stats

Tanzania is the world second largest in wildlife attraction with Ngorongoro and Serengeti leading featuring more attraction in the country. More than 1.5 million travelers visit Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar only. Below are annually estimated statistics of how people visit Tanzania top destinations.

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We offer time limited discounts for group safaris and or Kilimanjaro group climbs. This is the best option for tourists with tight budgets.

Machame Route

6 Days - 5 Nights

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Rongai Route

6 Days - 5 Nights

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Serengeti Ngorongoro Manyara Safari

7 Days - 6 Nights

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Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Ltd has a lot to offer which is unique and customer focused compare to other competitors.

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Give us your trip requirements and our team of experts will translate into a unique itinerary just for you

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We're a local tour operator. When you book with us, you get best possible price, which is middle-man free.

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We use very experienced local guide hence wonderful experience guaranteed

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We don't add hidden costs. All trips include local transfers, government fees and taxes, site entry fees, full accomodation, A full list of what included and what not is always attached to the itinerary.

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Registration: We are registered by BRELA under Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Ltd
Licenced with Tanzania Tourist Board and Member of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators - TATO.

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Our blog area include among other things These travel tips, Recommended Packing List and Guides that will help you plan your trip to Tanzania.

Private Guided Kilimanjaro climbing trips now available for booking

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite safaris guides explains about private Kilimanjaro climbing.  This means that it is a Kilimanjaro expedition in a Kilimanjaro trail with minimum traffic or avoids crowd tourists. The most used Kilimajaro routes are Machame, Rongai, and Marangu. Private Kilimanjaro trails are Lemosho, Shira, Umbwe, …

Kilimanjaro day trips include Materuni waterfalls day tour in Moshi

Kilimanjaro day trips are available for people who love to explore the beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro. They can do without climbing it. Mount Kilimanjaro day tours,  Kilimanjaro Marathon, Karibu – Kilifair Travel, etc. Also if you are around for other hospitality events around Moshi give …


我们是当地的旅行社,并且在Trip Advisor,重要的Oneworld365旅行及其非洲野生动物园门户网站上拥有最佳旅行评论。我们提供野生动物游览到坦桑尼亚的旅行,到桑给巴尔岛的海滩度假以及到乞力马扎罗山的登山旅行。我们允许您以实惠但优质的方式远足,探索自然奇观的美丽本质。通过电子邮件联系我们:[email protected] 中国旅客可以在舒适的野生动物园中度过假期。每个旅行者都可以在预定的出发日期加入有组织的团体。乞力马扎罗山的团体预订是游客基于折扣度假套餐找到低成本游猎者的一种方式。任何个人均可参加乞力马扎罗山远足小组或经济野营野生动物园。带有团体联合选项的乞力马扎罗路线为Rongai路线,Machame路线和Marangu路线。带有他们自己的翻译器的小团体可以享受所有野生动物园预定优惠。 乞力马扎罗山探险之旅由讲英语和汉语的专业向导指导。我们提供中餐菜单,以满足来自北京,上海,香港和中国其他地区的游客的最大兴趣。每个游客都可以在乞力马扎罗山坦桑石野生动物园DMC的专业建议下计划私人乞力马扎罗山攀登。 免费提供如何选择乞力马扎罗山的路线,乞力马扎罗山远足装备的装箱清单,适应环境和攀登乞力马扎罗山的最佳季节。随时询问更多信息和报价。也可以通过WhatsApp与我们联系并进行微信+255784811095 索取野生动物园报价和冒险乞力马扎罗山旅行包价格,免费获得建议,比较旅行优惠与自由。 您可以省钱并获得最优质的服务,电子邮件:[email protected] 乞力马扎罗山坦桑石野生动物园为中国旅客提供廉价航班和优质旅行套餐。南方航空从长沙,广州,北京等城市飞往内罗毕。内罗毕是肯尼亚的首都,也是东非著名的野生动物园枢纽。游客到达内罗毕后,可以乘坐中国小团体的穿梭巴士,私人包车或从Precision Air到乞力马扎罗机场的廉价航班轻松前往坦桑尼亚。坦桑尼亚航空公司将开放从JRO达累斯萨拉姆到中国城市广州和曼谷的直航。卢旺达航空也是廉价航空公司,可以通过广州白云国际机场将您带到东非。

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