Trek Tanzania and Africa highest mountain in Kilimanjaro, with Mt Meru just next in 50KM you will enjoy a 3 or 4-day trek as an acclimatization climb before fulfilling your lifetime dream of being on top of Africa continent via Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak.

Guided Kilimanjaro climbing trips are organized by considering important aspects like safety measures, getting the proper way to acclimatize, great food menu, getting hiking gears, know Kilimanjaro climbing packing list, choosing favorite Kilimanjaro route and perfect mountain climbing guides.

Kilimanjaro Climbing

Trek Tanzania and Africa highest mountain in Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro has 7 distinct routes to Uhuru Peak namely Machame, Marangu, Lemosho, Rongai, Northern Circuit, Shira na Umbwe while Mweka route is used for retracing only

Mount Meru

Mt Meru is the second highest peak after Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the fourth highest mountain in Africa. It has only one route, miriakamba route with most common 2 itineraries of 3 day trek and 4 day trek. Mt Meru trekking used as an acclimatization mechanism to trek effectively Mt Kilimanjaro