Booking Kilimanjaro cultural tourism at Nkweshoo Machame area

Kilimanjaro Nkweshoo coffee

Machame Nkweshoo cultural Tourism is an ecotourism culture experience tour established to showcases the Chagga tribe cultural tourism near Mount Kilimanjaro. Nkweshoo cultural tourism is located near Machame gate, a foot of Machame route which leads you to the Kilimanjaro summit. Machame has located 25 km from Moshi town, and 42 km from Kilimanjaro International Airport, JRO.  Chagga tribe is among Tanzania’s 126 ethnic tribes, but it is a tribe that was lucky to get a formal education in large numbers from the German colony, and ultimately from British territory. People of Kilimanjaro Machame-Nkweshoo invite you to explore the Culture of the Wachagga ethnic group that lives on the green slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The vision of Nkweshoo cultural tourism is to conserve the lushness of the environment through agricultural activities, and planting trees. Kilimanjaro cultural tourism activities fit ecotourism objectives and protect nature. During your visit, you will enjoy a beautiful landscape with great valleys, deep gorges, rivers, natural forests, and local agricultural activities on small farms. That is why choosing the Machame route is an added advantage compared to other Kilimanjaro routes. Read more about Kilimanjaro routes, compare, and then you can choose your favorite trail.

This is a typical Tanzania cultural tourism experience located just near Machame gate. Machame Gate is a start point for trekking Kilimanjaro through the Machame route. People who have booked mount Kilimanjaro climbing trips through the Machame route can also experience the Chagga culture well as hiking some local hills across waterfalls to acclimatize well. Contact us for more information like how much does it cost for Kilimanjaro tours, and more advice. Send us an email: [email protected]

Adventure things to do at Machame Nkweshoo have guided visits to Nkosalulu waterfalls, and Coffee farms, A visit to one of the Oldest Church buildings. More trips area visit to the caves used as hides during tribal wars, A view of the old coins, An opportunity to learn Chagga relics, stories, and old tools that have been used since the ancient times, More tours at the cultural center are a visit to the local market, walking tour through coffee, and banana farmlands to the dense Kilimanjaro natural forests for acclimatization along fast-flowing streams before climbing the mountain. And Optional tour is a charity visit to Health and education centers. On the other hand, you will interact with local people and get an opportunity to listen to their stories about the culture, history and their total way of life. Kilimanjaro day trips are the cheapest way to explore the beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro by making sightseeing tours, seeing waterfalls, make coffee tours, and view Kilimanjaro snows.

Exciting history-cultural tourism is a tour of the oldest German colonial-era churches.  Make a historical tour to visit places where the first German Missionary to Machame area was done many years ago. Explore some of the remaining memorial stones some put in place by Mr. Johannes Rebmann who came to Machame around the 1840s where they built the first church in the area. Rebmann is not a new name on a pioneer who made the first attempts to climb Mount Kilimanjaro Get an insight into how these missionaries worked to expand the missionary tasks in other parts of Kilimanjaro and the rest of Tanzania. Take a round walk to explore the whole route of the missionaries in the area and enjoy the scenery, people, and various old buildings.

Accommodation near Mount Kilimanjaro and particularly Machame area are of good tourist standard quality. There are best 3-star hotels to 4-star lodges near Machame gate.  Names of hotels near Mount Kilimanjaro Machame are Kaliwa Lodge, Protea Aishi Hotel, and Millie Lodge Machame. Also, it is convenient to sleep in Moshi and make Kilimanjaro day tours, so hotels in Moshi are also ideal.  Recommended Hotels in Moshi are Moshi leopard hotel, Silent hill hotel, Kilimanjaro safari lodge, Japan Hotel, Sanya Lodge, Panama Garden Resort, Park View Inn, and We Travel Hotel. People can make online hotel bookings through International hotel search engines such as booking dot com, Expedition, hotels, Agoda, hotel combined, and Orbitz.

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