Kilimanjaro routes details, comparison and choices

Get help from experts about choosing the best Kilimanjaro routes

Kilimanjaro routes recommended in priority

Climbers can consider Kilimanjaro trails in priority from 1st Onwards.

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  • Northern Circuit. The new route with few climbers has an excellent way to acclimatize and has beautiful scenery during climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. …
  • Lemosho route. Fantastic Kilimanjaro beauty is seen and has the best acclimatization. …
  • Machame route.  Has wonderful scenic views and good acclimatization, better if you take 7 days travel package.
  • Rongai is another favorite option trekking Kilimanjaro because hiking is not steep has a sense of wilderness scenery and only trail with a panoramic view of Mawenzi rugged Volcano the peak at Saddle camp.
  • Marangu is used for first-time climbers or beginners and also Marangu is preferred if you want to climb in rain months like April, May, and November.
  • Umbwe route is very tough and most challenging climbing, only suitable for highly experienced Mountaineers; however, Umbwe route scenery is very beautiful.
Get help from experts about choosing the best Kilimanjaro routes

If you are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on a budget, consider Machame route or Rongai. Kilimanjaro tour prices on Machame and Rongai are most affordable than others due to the duration of the trip and other factors. However, Kilimanjaro trekking cost on other trails increases slightly, so consider Kilimanjaro as a lifetime important trip, hence make sure it is enjoyable and comfortable by proper preparations and budget. So to see the part of the most beautiful attraction in Kilimanjaro consider Lemosho route or Northern circuit routes.

You will get important information tips on how to see the most beautiful parts of Mount Kilimanjaro

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  1.  This blog post explains about Kilimanjaro routes, Machame,reviews and climbing | Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Limited

    […] Your car departs from Moshi and drives you through Machame villages to the Machame gate. After registration, guides lead climbers through the rain forest to Shira Plateau. Then Machame route climbers meet with other climbers which began a trek through Lemosho, Northern circuit, etc. […]

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