Explore Mount Kilimanjaro through the Rongai route and the Enduimet Wildlife Management area

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris DMC guide you to explore MountKilimanjaro through the Rongai route, and the Enduimet. This is a Kilimanjaro journey that will take you through the Enduimet wildlife area. Also, the trip will proceed by climbing to Uhuru peak via the Rongai route. This is an adventure trip, combined with a wildlife watching tour and the trip can take 2 days. You will start by doing a wildlife safari in the Enduimet wildlife management area, and explore the Kilimanjaro wilderness area. You will sleep in Rongai Kitendeni homestay or Kitendeni wilderness campsite and explore the Kitendeni Elephant corridor. At Kitendeni Elephant corridor, elephants move from Kilimanjaro forest to/from Amboseli National Park in Kenya. This trip is a recommended way to see many Kilimanjaro volcano features, such as Diamond Glacier and Mawenzi volcano cone.

You can begin from West Kilimanjaro, see much wildlife in the lower Kilimanjaro savannah, and then proceed northwards to the Rongai trail via Kamwanga. From West Kilimanjaro, there is glamping, a comfortable camping style available at Mukuru camel farm. The Kilimanjaro safari tour will also show you the cultural experience of the Maasai and Chagga tribes.

Then after the Enduimet Kilimanjaro safari, you will arrive at the Rongai route gate, where you will begin climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. This Kilimanjaro trip takes 6 days to hike to Uhuru peak, for experienced climbers. We recommend you consider 7 days Kilimanjaro trek, and you will have enough time to acclimatize and increase the summit rate. Beginner climbers are advised to choose the 7 days Rongai route. Taking the Rongai route on Kikelelwa camp and then Saddle camp is the best way to see Mawenzi peak closely.

Rongai is also the only route that passes by Mawenzi, one of the three volcanic peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mawenzi is the third highest peak in Africa. And after the summit, your way back is descending down through Marangu, and thus you will be able to see both sides of the mountain. Rongai route is the remote and wilderness trail that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north. So, Rongai Route is among the least visited of all of the routes on Mount Kilimanjaro. Those who choose Rongai will experience peace and quiet for much of the trek, due to the few numbers of people.

Kilimanjaro safari trip planning, first days will be Enduimet to Rongai, so it is 3 days. Then add 6 days or 7 days for hiking to the Kilimanjaro summit.

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