Kilimanjaro climbing training, first-time hiker tips, and acclimatizing for summit trek

Kilimanjaro climbing tips

Here are useful climbing tips for training to summit Kilimanjaro. The basic Kilimanjaro climbing training tips for hiking to Uhuru peak include indoor gym exercises. The indoor gym exercises intend to make your body muscles become used to strenuous trekking. We realized the importance to begin with gym exercises because many people are occupied with office jobs daily.

From there, the incoming mountain climbers will go outdoor hill hiking. In the outskirt of your city, you may find trekking trails, and small hills to trot to hike. Walking on outdoor trails or hiking will increase your lung breathing capacity. Note that as you climb high up the mountain, the level of oxygen in the air available for breathing decreases that is why we do lung-breathing hiking. This climbing training gives a climber more safety adventure, away from altitude sickness. Read articles for high altitude training, how to improve, lung breathing hiking capacity, for high altitude low oxygen levels.

Climbing high mountains like Kilimanjaro needs proper acclimatization also. More means to acclimatize include going up slowly, and in Swahili famous known as pole-pole. Let’s read more Kilimanjaro climbing acclimatization tips here.

Nevertheless, Mount Kilimanjaro climbing tips for first-time hikers include how to choose the Kilimanjaro route. Kilimanjaro is a great challenge, especially for first-time hikers. If you are planning your hiking trip to Kilimanjaro, then you need to know how to acclimatize for the summit hike. Here are some high-altitude training tips for first-time Kilimanjaro climbers. If you are planning to climb Kilimanjaro for the first time, it is essential to acclimatize properly to avoid altitude sickness.

Also, beginner climbers can learn tips for acclimatization and high-altitude training in this guide. Our Mountain guide advises that the Rongai route 7 days Kili climb, Machame 7 days Kili trek, and the Lemosho route 8 days Kilimanjaro climbing packages are best suited for beginner climbers. Here, you can peruse and see trail details for the Kilimanjaro route comparison. 

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