Tanzania safari booking tips, consider wildebeest migration seasons

Tanzania safari booking DMC Arusha

Kili Tanzanite Safaris presents Tanzania safari booking tips, including wildebeest migration seasons. Safari enthusiasts expect several aspects when booking a safari in Tanzania. First of all, wildebeest migration is a major wildlife safari experience. Wildebeest migration happens between Serengeti National Park and the Masai Mara Kenya. Nevertheless, wildebeest has two epic attractions to witness in two distinct seasons. Mara River crossing is the action of wildebeest, Zebra, grant gazelle crossing Mara River, and Grumeti to follow green pasture and soda lick in Kenya, Masai Mara. This tourist attraction happens between  July and September each year. In October stay in Maasai Mara, when they begin returning to Serengeti when they sense rain and green pasture in Serengeti. This season is most favorite for safari photographic tours.

The second wildebeest epic season is January to mid-March when wildebeest calving season emerges. Booking a Tanzania safari is for people who are interested in ecotourism, and wildlife photography. Wildlife safari tours generally include bird watching, wonderful landscapes, plants, and unlimited wildlife mammals in the Ndutu area. And to compliment that, we advise on the best time for African safari, read African safari booking tips.
The best practice to explore beautiful nature is by choosing eco-friendly accommodation. Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris DMC has recommended Safari Lodges and camping for your Tanzania safari package. Tanzania luxury camping is also known as glamping, meaning extra comfort camping accommodation suitable for families traveling with children. and some luxury camping lodges have swimming pools and lodge facilities. Let us show you Tanzania wildlife safari packages, and then you can compare

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