Below are tips for booking a calving season safari in Tanzania

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The calving season safari is a special Tanzania wildlife safari, with the aim to witness the newborn calves of wildebeest, Zebra, Thompson gazelle, and even cheetah. That is why, Kili Tanzanite Safaris DMC brings you tips for booking a calving season safari in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. These are calving safari travel tips in a nutshell, just book in advance, check accommodation options, learn the best time for this safari,  balance your trip budget, and find a moderate-priced safari company.  Kili Tanzanita Caminos offers several safari packages with different safari price options. Tanzania safari prices vary depending on accommodation standards, and style. We have eco-friendly luxury tented camps, and we have luxury safari Lodges. For those safari goers who expect all-inclusive high-end luxurious lodges, there are boutique hotels in Serengeti and Ngorongoro.

The best time to go for the calving season is between the months of January, February, and March. It is exactly the middle of January, to start seeing the birthing of wildebeest, then follows zebra, and other animals. In November and December, many animals move to South Serengeti and settle for giving birth. Calving is an epic phenomenon and many visitors would like to witness this life ecosystem. Accommodations in Ndutu are few, but many visitors like to go on a safari, hence availability is limited. So, it is advised to book well in advance and guarantee your booking. Have a look at Tanzania wildlife safari, and contact us for safari price offers.

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