Kilimanjaro is among several Tanzania forest services with several Tourist attractions

Kilimanjaro trekking with forest tours Rongai

Mount Kilimanjaro forest is one of the Tanzania forest tourist attractions, with ecotourism potential. Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) is among Tanzania agencies under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. This agency has the mandate to Manage, and take the role of conservation of natural forests. It also manages bee forests and forest plantations. TFS manages about 460 forest reserves, which compose nature forests, and plantation forests. Nature forests are currently home to ecotourism things to do.

The forest destinations with ecotourism are Magamba Nature Forest in Lushoto Tanga, West Kilimanjaro Forest, and Rongai Kitendeni Forest. Other forest trekking destinations are Lake Duluti Arusha and Magamba Forest. Attractions found are Kwehondo Peak, an Old German cave, waterfalls, bird species, chameleons, butterflies, and German Cemetery. Tourist things to do are camping, outdoor walking safari, photographing, educational tours, bird watching, waterfall sightseeing, etc Visitors can reach Magamba forest from Moshi or Dar es Salaam through Lushoto town.

Now, let’s share about Mount Kilimanjaro forest information. Kilimanjaro Forest has 2 destinations named West Kilimanjaro Forest, and North Kilimanjaro Forest.  Key tourist attractions found in Kilimanjaro forest are historical German caves, nature forest trails, snow view hills, birds, wildlife mammals, acclimatization area, agro-tourism, and cultural tourism. On top of that,

Mount Kilimanjaro ecotourism things to do in the forest are marathon running, swimming, waterfall tour, bird watching, wildlife viewing, camping, nature photographic tours, acclimatization for mountain climbing, and game drives. In this case, wildlife species expected to be seen are Elephants, giraffes, black and white colobus monkeys, zebra, antelopes, impala, and waterbucks.

Furthermore, Mount Kilimanjaro forest shares the ecosystem with Kilimanjaro Park and Amboseli Game Reserve. These protected areas are rich in biodiversity, and very important to keep Mount Kilimanjaro Snow throughout the year. Mount Kilimanjaro forest has two nature trails for Mount Kilimanjaro which are currently used by Mount Kilimanjaro climbers, these trails are Rongai and Lemosho. The beauty of the Rongai forest attracts a lot of Mountain climbers. Mountaineers and trekkers can go hiking in the forest, motorbiking, cycling, and camping in the forest. There is a wildlife corridor that facilitates wildlife movement between Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park (Tanzania) and Amboseli Game Reserve (Kenya). North Kilimanjaro Forest Plantation has sites that provide a good view of Mt Kilimanjaro with its volcano peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi.

We cannot finish explaining all, about Kilimanjaro forest, now what we can do is to invite you to the Rongai forest Marathon. The Rongai forest trekking marathon is an annual athlete’s event and takes place in December. This year, the Rongai Forest Marathon will take between 21 and 23 December. A lot of adventure activities will go along with this marathon, such as forest trekking, and camping. Kitendeni West Kilimanjaro wildlife safaris, and an optional Kilimanjaro climbing journey to the summit. Contact us to book your seat, and reserve your camping spot.

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