Udzungwa is ecotourism hotspot in Southern circuit Tanzania.

Ecotourism hotspot destinations in southern circuit safari zone in Tanzania include Udzungwa National Park and Forest, Selous game reserve, Katavi and Kitulo Njombe Park. The Udzungwa Mountains have broad biodiversity and have endemic plants. Udzungwa belongs to Eastern arc mountain arc as well as Uluguru and Usambara Mountains, both host beautiful endemic plants. Things to do around Udzungwa Mountain park are Hike nature reserve, visit Sanje waterfalls, bird watching, butterfly tours, fishing, and cultural tourism.

When you book this safari ecotourism trip, you will get the most unique advantages than other people who go to a normal safari holiday. Tanzania safari itinerary with Selous game reserve and Udzungwa can take 5 days to 7 days. And if you have enough time and budget, you can book 10 days safari which will include other parks of Mikumi and Ruaha.

Contribution of eco-tourism to nature conservation is not small work and eco-tourism have improved livelihood of local people around ecotourism hotspot destination such as Amani nature reserve in Lushoto area. Read more from ecotourism paper by Wildlife Division experts in Tanzania. 

World wildlife day newsletter by International Ecotourism society has useful updates about wildlife safari destinations and ecotourism hotspot

Travel tips published by the USA travel today explains about ecotourism in Tanzania

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