Booking hotels near Mount Kilimanjaro, airport, etc

Hotels near Mount Kilimanjaro details is the guide for your stay in Moshi, get hotel booking deals now

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing preparations include airport transfers, hotel booking for first overnight before the trek begins. Preparations like hiking gears rental, packing your duffel back for Kilimanjaro journey and even acclimatization tips are useful because they give you success summit.  If you are alone and want Kilimanjaro deal, you may join an existing group with a set date to climb Kilimanjaro. Here you save money and still get the comfort you expected on private booking. Every Kilimanjaro trekking group you join, you get private tent accommodation. Now you can get hotel booking deals online, just one click away below

Hotel with Kilimanjaro view

This is Moshi guide to help you find and book the best price hotel in Moshi or near Kilimanjaro Airport. This is useful because you can save up to 50% on hotel room rates. You can save money by booking a hotel in Moshi on long term stays like 3 nights or more. Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris provides you with a list of vocational rental properties such as Airbnb, hostels, Hotels, Lodges, and apartments for your comfortable stay.

Hotel room Moshi Kilimanjaro

When you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, accommodation in Moshi is one of the preparations to do. Moshi is a major tourist town near Mount Kilimanjaro and it is 45 minutes drive from Kilimanjaro Airport. Tourists arrival from Mombasa Kenya, also arrive in Moshi by bus through Taveta-Holili Boarder.  In Moshi, you can do a lot of Kilimanjaro trekking preparations such as hiking gears rent and get gentle meet to familiarize with Mountain climbing guides. Now read hotel categories at below few examples.

Hotels in Moshi:

Below are recommended hotels in Moshi, there are 4 categories according to budget and comfort of Hotel. These categories simplify your way to book a hotel in Moshi. Category 0 is backpack hostels and B/B which are cheaper, the price range for bed and Breakfast are 10 to 20 US $ per person

A – Moshi Leopard Hotel or Kilimanjaro Safari Hotel, East Point Hotel – 60 to 70 US $

B – Medium Class Tourist Hotel = Park View Hotel – 90 US $ on B/B (Double/Twin)

C- Sali Salnero Hotel or Pink Flamingo Hotel = Double room – 120 US $ Double/Twin room on B/B

D – Kilimanjaro Wonders Hotel/Panama Garden Resort – 140 US $

Hotel deals Moshi

Hotels near Machame gate Kilimanjaro:

Semira Farm house Kilimanjaro, Salinero Millie Lodge Machame, Aishi Hotel Protea Machame, Kaliwa Lodge, Kilino Park Machame, etc, these are a moderate luxury hotel at foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Hotels near Kilimanjaro Airport

For smooth departures or late arrival, it is more comfortable to sleep in a Hotel near JRO Kilimanjaro Airport. These hotels are Airport Planet Lodge, Stella Maris Hotel, Snow view Hotel Boma, KIA Lodge, etc

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro trips preparations in Moshi Tanzania

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    Booking hotels in Moshi, Arusha, Karatu or at Kilimanjaro foothills is easier with latest travel tips. Hotels vary in price depending on safari-goers interests. Some visitors need luxury Lodges, some moderate standard resorts, and others need budget hotels while some need low-cost traveller hotels. Look at travel tips blog, get your accommodation and also know tips about climbing mount Kilimanjaro.

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