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Kili Tanzanita Caminos helps visitors to understand the similarities, and differences of Kilimanjaro routes. Here, we help you to compare the Machame route to Marangu. This comparison will help visitors decide which Kilimanjaro route to take. Eventually enjoying the adventure and reach the summit peak.

Machame route is also known as the “whiskey” route cause of the steepness of its terrain. Nowadays, the Machame Route 7 days are the most popular route on Kilimanjaro. The trail offers stunning views, a reasonable challenge, and plenty of time to acclimatize. It makes a good choice for those who have a bit extra time in their travel schedule.

The difference between Machame and Marangu routes is, Machame is the most scenic route on Kilimanjaro. And it offers good acclimatization because of the terrain itself. Also you get to hike high and sleep low giving your body exposure to high altitude, forcing your body to adjust, and then returning down to sleep, eventually recuperating at an altitude that your body is already used to.

Heading to Barranco camp you climb high to 4600m at the lava tower and sleep at Barranco camp 3900 also heading to Karanga camp you hike at 4200m at Barranco wall and sleep at 3995m at Karanga camp. However, in Marangu, you trek from Mandara to Horombo, which is not steep but offers gradual ascend, but long, means many hours of trekking.

Marangu route known as the “coca cola” route used to be the most popular route. However, Marangu is delegated to No 3 by Machame and Lemosho route. It is a gradual trail and termed easier (myth) compared to the Machame route, but it does not offer good acclimatization. Then, eventually, the Marangu route have low success in making it to the summit.

On the Marangu route, you get to sleep in huts not tents, thus not offering an adventure experience. Also, another bad thing is you get mixed with different clients and do have not a relaxing environment. In real-time Kilimanjaro mountaineering, climbing Kili from Horombo hut to Kibo is the most gradual hike almost flat. But the only thing that will make make a difference is how well your body would have adapted to the altitude.

Also, the Machame route is 37 miles or 62 km for the entire climb from the head up to the summit. And all the way down to the Mweka gate. While the Marangu route is 45 miles or 72 kilometers and the route approaches Mt. Kilimanjaro from the southeast with a clear view of Mawenzi Peak. Mawenzi is the second-highest peak on Kilimanjaro.

Summiting on the Machame is much easier compared to the Marangu route. Because the route terrain itself gives the body enough time to acclimatize. Nevertheless, Marangu route is considered as luxury Kilimanjaro climbing adventure. And that’s why the Machame route has high success in terms of getting to the summit.

Who should go to Machame, and who is advised to choose Marangu? The climbers seeking adventure experience, and who love camping, Machame is the best choice. For those people who like to climb mountains in an easier way, the Marangu route is for them.

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