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Are you looking to join a climbing group? You can join an existing group with the set departure date.  Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris team of guides, cooks, and porters will help you climb Mount Kilimanjaro with comfort. Also, you can form your own group to book a Kilimanjaro trip and get a discount price. Traveling alone can spend a lot of money on private Kilimanjaro trip booking. You can join the Kilimanjaro group and save money. We welcome solo travelers to form groups and climb Kilimanjaro through Machame route, Rongai route, Marangu and Lemosho route.

Below is a list of Kilimanjaro trekking trips with departure dates

24 Jul – 29 Jul      6 Days Machame Join Group …       Mount Kilimanjaro, Moshi …

30 Jul – 05 Aug    7 Days Machame Join Group …       Mount Kilimanjaro, Moshi …

25 Jul – 01 Aug    8 Days Lemosho Route …       Mount Kilimanjaro, Moshi…

26 July -31 July – 6 days Rongai route

Join a group to climb Kilimanjaro through Machame route, Rongai or Lemosho route is available in high season dates. Tourists can find and join a group to save money, have fun. Trek in a group also increases the courage to trek to the Kilimanjaro summit. Reserve your seat and confirm your spot based on your favorite travel dates. The advantage of booking trip with us is that you get a cheap travel deal, we have daily departure groups in July, August and September and our services are recommended on TripAdvisor.

Group trekking Kilimanjaro joining

Joining group Kilimanjaro trekking adventures is possible on all dates, so it is easier for you to book flight tickets convenient for you. Get advice especially how to get cheap flight tickets dates. You can book flight tickets online at Qatar Airways or Turkish Airlines and get season discount promotions. Tell us your favorite travel date in July, August or September and we keep your spot. You can confirm booking joining group and reserve your seat by paying a deposit. It is important to confirm booking your trip so that your seat is sure and not give to other travelers who come later than you.

Kilimanjaro climbing trips for private bookings are also available. If you are already pre-organized as family, friends or small group of 2 to 6 people you can book your adventure privately. Private guided Kilimanjaro trekking adventures are from a party of 2 people, 3 people, 4 people, 5 people, 6 people or more. Contact us for a price quote and more details.

Summer travel season begins from June in 2016 for wildlife safaris and Kilimanjaro adventures begin from July 2016. It is possible to plan a combo travel package which includes Tanzania safari and Kilimanjaro trekking trip. Booking is usually done at least 3 months to trip date, so if you plan to book climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tour, April and May is the best time to plan. Travel tips and tourism reviews advise to get price quotes from different Kilimanjaro trekking outfitters and compare. Private Kilimanjaro climbing trips and group joining travel options are available, ask now.

When you book a combo tour, you get a discount of up to 10% on both Safaris Tanzania and Kilimanjaro treks. Outdoor travel adventures provided in summer and Gap year season are budget camping safaris; helicopter Kilimanjaro flights, helicopter flights, Serengeti hot air balloon safaris, and wildlife safaris Tanzania. Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions tour offers are budget travel adventures, Gap Year travel, and outdoor travel packages lifestyle tours. Tanzania safari booking to see wildlife species after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a travel deal available for private holidays or joining groups.

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Joining group Kilimanjaro climbing

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