Hans Meyer, is a German pioneer Kilimanjaro climbing conqueror

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing adventures

Hans Heinrich Josef Meyer (March 22, 1858 – July 5, 1929) was a German geographer and Professor from Hildburghausen German. This is a man outside Africa who climbed successful to Kibo peak, Africa Uhuru peak.

Although his first attempt success summit to Kibo was in 1889, his first Kibo peak challenge was in 1887. Climbing Kilimanjaro first attempt in 1887 by Professor Hans Meyer, a German geographer was accompanied by Baron Von Eberstein. Meyer was eventually defeated by a combination of thick snow, 30m ice walls, and his partner’s altitude sickness.

Yohani Kinyala Lauwo is the local guide who was appointed by Chief of the area known as Mangi to lead Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller to the highest point of Africa on October 5th, 1889. Local people have been trekking several times for several purposes but did not think about possible efforts to summit Kibo peak. One of the reasons is that local people did not have the correct hiking gears to encounter ice, snow, and glaciers.

Tanzania tourism authorities awarded Hans Heinrich Josef Meyer a spot among major Kilimanjaro attractions. In Mount Kilimanjaro at Marangu route, there is iconic volcano rock and cave named Hans Meyer cave. Hans Meyer cave on Marangu route has a height of 5150 m (16900 ft.). Hans Meyer is a picnic site for short rest after hiking from Kibo Hut, a base camp. This means Kilimanjaro climbers through Marangu and Rongai route can visit Hans Meyer cave. Northern circuit route is a new Kilimanjaro trail and this gives tourists an experience to trek across Kilimanjaro, west to north and pass across Hans Meyer Cave as well.

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