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Mount Kilimanjaro is among the world-known long-distance trekking destinations. The best long-distance trails & treks around the world are Kilimanjaro trekking, Great Rift Valley trekking, and all seven summit peaks. Long-distance trekking is defined as any journey that takes longer than two days to complete. So, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Mount Meru climbing trips are absolutely counted as long-distance hiking places. Furthermore, the world’s longest trekking mountains are the Appalachian, Annapurna Circuit, Atlas Mountains, Tour du Mont Blanc, Inca Trail, Great Wall of China, and Kilimanjaro. You can read more about the longest hike outdoor places.

Now, let’s talk about the longest hiking trails around the world. This is the longest hikes world expeditions list.  Mount Kilimanjaro is among the mountains with the longest trekking trails in the world. The longest-distance trekking trails at Mount Kilimanjaro are the Lemosho route, and the northern circuit. Nevertheless, more trails at Kilimanjaro include the Rongai route, Marangu, Machame, and Umbwe, read here and compare.

There is a guide that provides tips for the longest trekking, and high mountain hiking. The pole pole guide book is a training guide for long-distance trekking. It is a useful climbing training book for beginners, moderate climbers, and experienced trekkers. Here is a link to read about Kilimanjaro climbing tips, and how to find pole pole guide book.

Machame route is among long distance trekking trails on Mount Kilimanjaro. There are several Kilimanjaro trekking packages on Machame route. 

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