Why does cost of Kilimanjaro trip varies?

Kilimanjaro climb Summit

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris DMC explains why the cost of booking a Kilimanjaro trip varies. The price of a Kilimanjaro climbing trip includes a fixed park entry fee, and a cost of the service fee. Kilimanjaro National Park is managed by TANZANIA PARKS, and it is a government organization. So, all visitors who love to enter the park, and hike to the summit are supposed to pay the entrance fee. In Addition to this constant fee, there are travel services provided by a Kilimanjaro climbing outfitter. The travel services to facilitate your climbing adventure are transportation, mountain accommodation, alpine tents, climbing safety, mountain guides, porters, etc.

Kilimanjaro trip prices vary because the level of travel services varies between trips and trips. There are backpacker Kilimanjaro adventures, there are moderate Kilimanjaro climb prices, and there are VIP extra comfort Kilimanjaro climbing trips. Also. cost of climbing Kilimanjaro differs between route, and route. The Kilimanjaro routes vary in duration of trekking, from 5 days Rongai route, and Marangu, to the Northern circuit 9 days. The price of booking a Kilimanjaro trip, is from 1400 to 1680, for an average of 6 days to 7 days Machame route, Rongai, etc.

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