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Useful Links and Tips for Booking Success Kilimanjaro Trip

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7 Tips for a Successful Climb on Mount Kilimanjaro, before going to the details of tips for successful Kilimanjaro trekking, you can get Kilimanjaro guidebook to help you do climbing training well. You can now buy pole pole book with useful travel tips from the experienced climbing trainer.

A Training Guide for Kilimanjaro and Other Long-Distance Mountain Treks

-Choose a longer route. For the highest chance of success and the lowest risk of altitude sickness, choose a longer journey to the summit rather than a shorter one.

-Hydrate on the mountain. At high levels of altitude, you dehydrate much quicker. …

-Pole, pole! …

-Proper hiking gears and test them to make sure are friendly

-Bring nice snacks – When at altitude, people often lose their appetite.  Even with the extreme levels of exertion, getting the calories in to keep you going can be a strangely challenging task.  To make sure a decrease in appetite doesn’t make you run out of the fuel you need to make it to the top, we encourage you to bring some of your favorite, high-calorie snacks to munch on for your climb.

We will feed you very well, but you may find a desire to eat some comfort snacks from home. The idea is to pack goodies you will eat even if you don’t have an appetite. Yes, junk food and candy are totally fine! Don’t worry, you will burn off every last calorie, and the treats help provide the energy you need for that extra push to make it to the top.  You also want to pack things that don’t melt or freeze.  Chocolate, nuts, hard candy and protein bars are some personal favorites we see our clients bring. M&M’s combined with mixed nuts is an excellent choice because M&M’s don’t tend to melt, whereas other types of chocolate may during the lower reaches of the climb.


A positive mental attitude can keep you going when fatigue and doubts arise.

Have fun and believe in yourself. Remember, you don’t walk the path all at once, you walk it one step at a time and as long as you take the next step, you will reach the summit.  It is easy to get overwhelmed and exhausted, but remember, you are on vacation.  Enjoy yourself!  Kick back and relax with your fellow climbers during the evenings and have fun.

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Mount Kilimanjaro location, in Tanzania or Kenya?

In the past years, there has been big confusion about where is the exact location of Mount Kilimanjaro. Their reason for contradiction is that Kilimanjaro is located in Northern Tanzania and very close to Kenya border. The second reason for confusion about Kilimanjaro location is that when a visitor or guest visits Amboseli National Park, gets a clear panoramic Kilimanjaro view. Now, everything is clear and most tourists know that to climb Kilimanjaro is through Tanzania. Where is Mount Kilimanjaro, read more and contact us by email below: 

Email: [email protected]

Read guideline book above and always listen to Kilimanjaro guides

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