West Kilimanjaro safaris

Enduimet Wildlife Management area forms part of the west Kilimanjaro safaris. This is a Kilimanjaro safari destination and forms an ecosystem located between Amboseli National Park (Kenya) and Kilimanjaro National Park. Enduimet forms a vital corridor for large herds of elephants that migrate between the two parks. Enduimet Wildlife conservation sanctuary is located at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It is a wonderful safari destination and a great place for adventurous safaris. People can book day trips from Arusha and go for wildlife tours in West Kilimanjaro Park. Also, more things to do are Camel back riding, Maasai cultural tours, and hiking. Our Trips to visit Wesk Kilimanjaro Enduimet Park, include 2 days of Kilimanjaro safari, 4 days of Camel safari, and Lemosho route Kilimanjaro climbing.

Climbers approaching Kilimanjaro’s Lemosho gate are treated to stunning views of the region’s diverse wildlife and flora & fauna. Learn about the unique and endangered species that can be spotted in the Kilimanjaro forest. Approaching the Lemosho gate is a great way to start a Kilimanjaro climb that’s rich in experiences beyond the summit. One such experience is the chance to see unique wildlife species and explore the diverse flora and fauna of the Kilimanjaro forest. Learn more about this here

West Kilimanjaro forest reserve is managed by Tanzania Forest Service and manages several forest plantations. Natural forests are among the forest plantations, and it carries an important ecotourism component. Mount Kilimanjaro climbers who use west Kilimanjaro trails like Lemosho, will see a lot of fauna and flora. The Lemosho route’s lower part is composed of forests rich in biodiversity attractions. Things to do and adventure activities are forest camping, bird watching, photographing, and trekking acclimatization.

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