Barranco camp is an overnight resting camp for climbing Kilimanjaro

Barranco Camp

Through the journey of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to the summit, Barranco camp is among the resting overnight camps on the Mountain. The Barranco camp is located at the edge of the moorland vegetation zone on Mt Kilimanjaro near the beginning of the alpine desert. It is without a doubt the most spectacular campsite on this route, with views of Kibo and the western breach.

Barranco camp is located at an altitude of 3950m which is just below the Lava tower at 4572m elevation. This hiking up, and sleeping down at Barranco camp, make better acclimatization for climbers using the Machame route, or Lemosho trail. Also, Vegetation at the Barranco camp consists of a variety of plants including lobelia,senecio Kilimanjar and groundsels. These plants, and volcano rocks, make a fabulous view to Kilimanjaro visitors.

Our accommodation services at Barranco campground offer service to climbers ascending Kilimanjaro from the Machame route, Lemosho route, Umbwe route, Shira trail, and the northern circuit route. Kilimanjaro mountain crews support climbers with alpine tents, tables, chairs, mattresses, and foodstuff. Our campground stuff is mobile, and we have just moved it from Shira Camp to Barranco Camp. We have additional private services for the VIP Lemosho route Kilimanjaro travel package. These additional services are VIP shower bathing and butler service.

Kilimanjaro trekking offers available include a unique healthy Machame route 7 days package with a waterfall included. Check the special healthy Kilimanjaro treks at our safari bookings page, and compare other Kili treks.

Now, after a comfortable overnight, and meals at Barranco camp, the next hiking attempt challenge is to hike to the Barranco wall, rest, and make Kilimanjaro photos. Our VIP Kilimanjaro climbing trips, and Kilimanjaro photographic safaris, make sure your overnight at the camp is well prepared.  Contacts for online booking Kilimanjaro tours, and travel Agents partnership, is here below;

Email: [email protected]


Kilimanjaro Barranco camp

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