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Rongai route has very much interesting story and furthermore, it is only through Rongai route you can see Mawenzi peak closely. Day 3 you overnight at Mawenzi Tarn hut, this means scenery of Volcano rock is great. Check Rongai route itinerary for trekking adventure booking.

Kilimanjaro & Diamox

Taking Diamox to reach the roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro – survey

Taking Diamox to reach the roof of Africa

In August and September 2018, Your African Safari surveyed over 150 Kilimanjaro tour operators and several climbers to solicit their feedback on Diamox usage for altitude sickness. Two-thirds of tour operators surveyed said they advocate the usage of Diamox. Jump to survey results. 

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro tours and Tanzania safari itineraries are among best Africa travel packages found in East Africa leisure holidays and adventures. Rongai route is only Kilimanjaro route approaching Kilimanjaro summit on northern side. Rongai route has sense of wilderness whereby Olmolog and Kitendeni is wildlife corridor which Elephants move between Kilimanjaro forest reserve to Amboseli National Park on Kenya side. Forest plantations at beginning of trekking rongai route looks like forests in Canada, Norway or Switzerland, forest is covered by ice drops and snow drops.

Compare Lemosho route scenery vs Rongai route for planning and booking

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Africa Tours, Tanzania safaris,Victoria Falls, kenya safaris, kenya travel packages, mombasa beach,vacation holidays, african safari holidays,vacation packages, mombasa beach resorts,African travel packages and South Africa Tours. Safari tour to Selous game reserve, Ruaha, Udzungwa and mikumi is considered most nature wildlife safari in Africa. This safari is known as southern circuit safaris Tanzania. Accommodation options during this Tanzania safari can be camping or lodge safari, so southern circuit Tanzania safari is cheap and meet most people budgets.

Adventure travel deals in East Africa include Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions Machame route, budget camping safaris, Hot air balloon safaris Serengeti, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Lemosho route, River cruise tours Selous game reserve rufiji river and Diving Zanzibar island coral reefs.

Cheap tours Tanzania include 10 days southern circuit safaris Tanzania and budget camping safaris Tanzania. Standard safari lodges of southern circuit safaris are quality and enjoyable. Budget camping safaris is cheap wildlife safaris Tanzania.

African wildlife safari, wildlife safaris to Africa national parks like Kruger national park in South Africa or Serengeti national park in Tanzania. Also East African safaris include Kenya safaris, kenya tours, mombasa beach, mombasa beach hotels. Another east Africa safari package is Rwanda gorilla tracking and Uganda Gorilla tracking tours.

Africa tours include wildlife safari and horse riding such as equestrian. Camel safaris can be done after climbing mount kilimanjaro at the slopes of Meru, near Arusha National parks.

Usambara Mountains day trekking is ecotourism travel deal and budget responsible travel to explore Nature. When you go to Usambara Mountains for trekking, accommodation are cheap eco Lodges in Lushoto.

Safaris to Tanzania include Serengeti Ngorongoro while southern Africa wildlife safaris to Kruger National park and Victoria Falls Zambezi river.

Africa safari in Tanzania can be 5 days or 7 days. 7 days Tanzania safari is famous because it covers most national parks, sight seeing and cultural tourism.

Wildlife safaris in 7 days include tours to Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti National parks and Ngorongoro Crater.

In this 7 days Tanzania safari, accommodation will be 6 nights in lodges or camps. On arrival accommodation will be in Arusha safari town for one night. Cultural tourism include visiting maasai villages, exploring maasai villages and learn how Masai people live with wild animals in Ngorongoro conservation area.

African safaris in Tanzania includes wildlife safaris tours.

Wildlife safari tours to serengeti and Ngorongoro conservation area can be 4 days or 3 days minimum.Tanzania safaris can also be done in 5 days being best and famous african safaris. Cheap Tanzania safari package is budget camping safaris, tents build on public campsites. This is cheap wildlife safari tour and yet comfortable.

Vacation holidays in Tanzania includes wildlife safaris, cultural tourism,walking safaris and beach holidays. Most tourists are used to lodge safaris, how ever camping safari has more things to enjoy, so it is advised to try safari camps for some days during safari holidays.

Photographic safaris is a kind of african safaris whereby tourists seek leisure,fun,luxury, wildlife safaris, vacation holidays and beach tours to zanzibar or mafia island.

Tanzania safaris in 7 days is most well known and booked tour, it may include walking safaris and nature trekking.

Adventure tours to tarangire, lake manyara, serengeti national parks and ngorongoro crater is mostly visited in 7 days and includes cultural tourism. Tanzania safaris can be combined to beach holidays or mountain climbing to make long vacation holiday in Tanzania. Mount kilimanjaro climbing is exciting adventure travel in East Africa. Climbing mount kilimanjaro package include all services like Airport transfers, accommodation, climbing gears, acclimatization and guiding. Kilimanjaro trekking packages in Tanzania is a choice of one favorite kilimanjaro climbing route which conform to physical fitness of each climber or party interests.

Tanzania safaris with interest to see most wildlife can extended to 10 or more days to stay more days in serengeti national park for wildebeest migration and ngorongoro conservation area.

Serengeti wildebeest migration is one of tourist attractions which make a reason for travelers to visit serengeti national park.

African safaris enthusiasts can visit Tanzania for wildlife safaris and photographic safaris. Tourists can get information, plan and organise their Tanzania vacation holiday through Local Tour Operator affordable price rates






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Hot Air Balloon Safaris, safari tour offers booking

Hot Air Balloon Safari in Tanzania, Africa and safari tour offers

Tanzania safari bookings and possible vacation extension to Zanzibar beach is amazing

Balloon Safari is one of the most popular ‘add-on’ options with tourists on Safari or Beach Holidays in East Africa, especially with couples on honeymoons. The hot air balloons lift off just before sunrise when the breeze on the plains is still cold.

Serengeti Balloon safaris is one of adventure safaris in Northern wildlife safaris Tanzania.

The finishing touch to the flight is a game drive back to the lodge or camp, and the possibility of seeing the same pride of lions, or herd of elephants that had been viewed while ballooning.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris is famously practiced in Serengeti National Park and Maasai Mara Game Park in Kenya.

Over a dozen balloons depart from sites near six of the lodges and tented camps. In many occasions, Tourists are often able to view four of the ‘Big Five’ (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo) while ballooning. A flight certificate is issued on completion of the balloon safari.

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