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Kilimanjaro expeditions and Guides

Mount Kilimanjaro guides are well-trained tour leaders and have graduated with useful alpine skills. Also, Kilimanjaro guides lead the Kilimanjaro trip after attaining 5 years experience, it means new graduated guide works as assistance guide and chief guide has more than 5 years experience on alpine trekking. A foreign tour leader can climb Mount Kilimanjaro for free is he is leading more than 14 people. Other people can also climb Kilimanjaro for free if you can collect 15 friends and then book Kilimanjaro trip.

Kilimanjaro routes are were found after research and considering safety for trekking to Kilimanjaro summit. Kilimanjaro routes are nature trails on Mount Kilimanjaro which offers pathways in which climbers can see most beautiful Kilimanjaro attractions. Kilimanjaro climb cost varies depending on Kilimanjaro route choice. There is a shorter route like Marangu and Rongai in which you can climb for minimum of 5 days. Beginner Kilimanjaro climbing needs to choose a minimum of 6 days or 7 days Kilimanjaro trip. Mount Kilimanjaro climbing for beginner tips includes how to choose Kilimanjaro routes and the best time to go.

Chinese speaking guides

Chinese travelers can get cheap flight tickets and get budget travel deals for Tanzania tours. Budget Airfares are provided by China Southern Airlines and Air Tanzania Quanzhou. Most Chinese are good mountaineers because there are many hiking opportunities like Yangtzekiang and Great Wall China. So the Chinese will be lead by simplified Chinese language guides.

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