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Why Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Why Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

If movies like ‘Vertical Limit’ and “Cliffhanger” inspire you to extend your climbing expeditions, there are adventurous trekking locations in Africa which have countless of great climbing packages. Mt Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania and is known as the most visited mountain in Africa, having 40,000 people visiting yearly. Mt Kilimanjaro became so popular that it has been tagged as “Everyman’s Everest”.

Reasons To Climb Mt Kilimanjaro 

Among the Seven Summits, Kilimanjaro is actually the easiest to climb. In fact, a hiker doesn’t need ropes and specific mountaineering gear or any applicable mountain climbing experience to conquer this mountain.

Kilimanjaro is one of those peaks that welcome every climber far and wide. The youngest person to reach its peak was six years old and the eldest was 83. Unfortunately, it is inevitable to experience height sickness and witness rockslides since these incidents are normal. Every climber should be prepared for these possible occurrences to avoid serious or deadly accidents.

A Natural Wonder 

In addition, Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.Mount Kilimanjaro is one of New 7 natural wonders Africa, has amazing geographical features which attract tourists to climb mount Kilimanjaro.Climbing Kilimanjaro is like “walking from the equator to the North Pole in a week, providing dramatic changes in vegetation and animal life day by day.” Trekking kilimanjaro to the summit passes through 5 ecological climatic zones. Further information about why to climb kilimanjaro are shown in famous sinema of IMAX Theatre.Adventure people from Canada, USA, Switzerland, UK who have seen Kilimanjaro film can’t wait to book Kilimanjaro climbing trip. IMAX Kilimanjaro film has all to explain.

Its high altitudes are a common habitat for unique life forms such as the delicate elephant flower and amazing Kilimanjaro tree. This Tanzanian mountain is also a perfect hotspot for examining climate change. Al Gore has featured this mountain in his climate change television episode, “An Inconvenient Truth”, which showed its rapidly melting and changing snow caps and glaciers. A team of youth trekkers and researchers normally visits this mountain for climate change analysis.

Economic and Historic Asset 

Aside from its captivating magnificence, Mt Kilimanjaro contributes hugely to Tanzanian economy, generating approximately $20 million every year. Its historical background furthermore intensifies its economical significance. Because of this, Kilimanjaro acquired its other name: Uhuru Peak – a Swahili word for “Freedom”. While under its colonial acquisition in 1959, the forthcoming president Julius Nyerere said, “We, the people of Tanganyika, would like to light a candle and put it on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro which would shine beyond our borders giving hope where there was despair, love where there was hate, and dignity where before there was only humiliation.” This mountain symbolizes all humbling measures of life as this also considered as a place for vision, inspiration and a new beginning.

The snows of Kilimanjaro Ernest Hemingway published article inspires people to think and dream of climbing Kilimanjaro. KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS Co.Ltd is the professional Kilimanjaro trekking company which has already done good job to send tourists to Kilimanjaro summit. Great Customer feedback published on our References/Testimonial page is a good start of proved examples. People from all nations from USA, Brazil, Canada, UK, SWISS, German, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Japan, just few to mention have scaled to Kilimanjaro snows as mentioned by Ernest Hemingway.

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