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Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation

Responsible travel deals and ecotourism is part of your holiday value benefits and supports conservation. Your safari holiday in Tanzania is valued support to wildlife conservation efforts.

KITASA supports wildlife conservation through responsible travel under Tanzania National parks, Wildlife Conservation Society, African wildlife foundation, World wildlife conservation, Ecotourism Society, Elephant project, Rhino Protection Fund, Enduimet Wildlife area West Kilimanjaro, Community based wildlife conservation, Selous game reserve, Ngorongoro conservation area, TAWA- Tanzania wildlife management authority, Sokoine University Forest College, TAWIRI- Tanzania wildlife research institute, Frankfurt zoological society, Serengeti Ecosystem Management, Ikona Wildlife Management, Burunge Tarangire Babati, College of Wildlife Management Mweka  etc

Ikona Wildlife Management area has comfort safari Lodges and campground for visitors to see Wildebeest migration. “Great Migration” or “Serengeti Migration” of ungulates accompanies carnivores is one of wildlife spectacles on Earth. Nature conservation is the general protection of natural resources which include wild plants and wildlife animals. Wild plants are the real key living ecosystem to make sure wildlife habitat are intact and friendly to wildlife animals.

Great migration includes wildebeest, Gazelles, and zebra and stays within Tanzania for about ten months of the year and some of the herds stay in the Serengeti year round in Ndutu and Seronera. Mara crossing is exciting thrilling wildlife safari experience to see between July and September in Tanzania.

Anti-poaching fund obtained through Tourism Park entrance fees make sure big 5 Wildlife species survive for present and future generations. World Heritage Sites like Ngorongoro are natural wonders with the presence of Black Rhinoceros; Serengeti has Rhinos at special care protection.

In terms of Tourism, KITASA partners lonely planet, TripAdvisor, rough guides, Safari bookings site and offers National Geographic them safari in Tanzania. Some of the National Geographic tours are below:

  • Cross Country Tours
  • Geo Volcano Expeditions
  • Beach explorers and diving
  • Safari blue and sport fishing

Safari blue in Zanzibar Island is famous tour excursions which include Scuba diving with coral reefs, dolphin swimming, Shark sport fishing tours southern Zanzibar and beautiful beach resorts bookings.

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  1. Krisan Sablaon

    Nice to know that tour provider like you supports wildlife conservation and practice responsible traveling. For me, it should be practiced in any country we go to. As travelers, we have a duty to take care of the places we explore by following all the rules, disposing of garbage properly, respecting culture and traditions, and taking care of wildlife. We can do so much more. So a post like this makes me happy. Thank you!

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